Mammoth Explosion

In which I prove, yet again, that I just cannot have nice things.

As I mentioned previously, I have been working on my standings with the Ishukone Corporation in EVE Online. This is all part of “yet another money making scheme” that I will go into at some future date.

Since there are not a lot of Ishukone Corp agents handy, at least not handing out encounter missions (you know, where you encounter stuff… then blow it up!), I have been doing some other missions.

I found a local level 3 manufacturing agent and have spent some time doing missions for her. They have tended to be mining missions and, since the agent is only a couple of systems over from my usual mining grounds, I brought my miner over as well to share in the effort.

Yes, going after mission that require 6000 units of Omber with my tech II fitted Hulk and my rigged Mammoth that can carry more than a jet can in ore is a bit of over kill, but the missions sure get done quickly.

And then I got a courier mission. Just bring this big box a couple of jumps and turn it over.

The catch was, the last two systems on the route there were Navula and Hakonen, both low security.

Here I was in my nice Mammoth, the package in hand. My trash hauler, the beloved by some Badger, was a few jumps away. More jumps that the delivery itself.

Pshaw, I thought, I’ve been through Navula and Hakonen dozens of times. The only problem I have ever had was that once when I was running a mission in Navula and got zapped by a corp that stalks mission runners.

So I went for it.

And paid the price.

I jumped into Navula, and as I started to align for the jump to the Hakonen gate, two flashing red bars appeared in my overview, giving that same jolt of adrenaline that flashing red lights in your rear view mirror give you when you’re driving along at 2am.

Only the result did not take nearly as long.

Victim: Wilhelm Arcturus
Alliance: NONE
Corp: Twilight Cadre
Destroyed: Mammoth
System: Nalvula
Security: 0.4
Damage Taken: 2055

Involved parties:

Name: Bruder Shame (laid the final blow)
Security: -1.1
Alliance: NONE
Corp: X-Legends
Ship: Broadsword
Weapon: 220mm Vulcan AutoCannon II
Damage Done: 1242

Name: Bruder Freak
Security: -1.8
Alliance: NONE
Corp: X-Legends
Ship: Onyx
Weapon: Caldari Navy Scourge Heavy Missile
Damage Done: 813

Destroyed items:

10MN Afterburner I
Expanded Cargohold II
Small Tractor Beam I
Salvager I
Survey Scanner I
Cargohold Optimization I, Qty: 2
Giant Secure Container (Cargo)
Giant Secure Container (Cargo)

Dropped items:

Shield Recharger I, Qty: 2
Expanded Cargohold II, Qty: 3
Drill Parts, Qty: 3 (Cargo)
Giant Secure Container (Cargo)
Giant Secure Container (Cargo)
Giant Secure Container (Cargo)
Giant Secure Container (Cargo)
Giant Secure Container (Cargo)

The elapsed time, according to the log, from first shot fired to my destruction: 7 seconds.

There were, obviously, no ransom demands this time around.

Okay, no big deal. It was a Mammoth. They cost double what a badger costs on the market, but that is still only a million ISK or so. I spend more than that on a silly whim some days.

Well, it did have five Cargohold Expander II’s on it. Those together cost several times more than the Mammoth hull itself.

But the killer, the tough to replace items are the two Cargohold Optimization I rigs.

Each one requires the following to make:

  • 68 Tripped Power Circuits
  • 119 Fried Interface Circuits
  • 100 Alloyed Tritanium bars

That is with my current skill in production efficiency (level 5) and a material efficiency level of 20 on the blueprint.

The first two items are a piece of cake. I have those sitting around. I get them as part of salvage all the time.

The alloyed tritanium bars are another story. I see one of those maybe once on a day if I run a few level 3 missions.

And on the market, the ask price per alloyed tritanium bar is around 500,000 ISK, and people have buy orders in for 400,000 ISK. So the materials for one of these rigs now exceeds 40 million ISK in value. That is a bit spendy to go out an replace both rigs right away.

So for now, my replacement Mammoth will only be able to carry five Giant Secure Containers, for about 22K carrying capacity, as opposed to the over 29K capacity I had with seven containers.

That means more frequent hauling trips when mining.

On the bright side, if do material research on the Cargohold Optimization blueprint up to a material efficiency of 60, even if it takes only one alloyed tritanium bar off of the bill of materials, the cost of the research will have been paid for.

In the mean time, I will be sifting my salvage looking for those bars.

11 thoughts on “Mammoth Explosion

  1. Robert

    Your stories really do make me want to try out Eve again. For the THIRD time.

    Maybe I should really try and give it a fair try this time. You make it sound so good!


  2. Robert

    So after reading the blog posts you linked to, I’m really considering trying Eve out, maybe even tonight.

    Do you have any useful websites that you just can’t live without? Or resources that really helped you learn and understand the game and it’s concepts?

    Also, I figure I should ‘go solo’ for a bit and learn the game before trying to find a corporation. Does this sound about right? Are there forums either on a website or in game that are actively posted to to discuss all manner of things?


  3. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    As an addendum, I couldn’t recommend the “go solo” way of life unless you are like me (an idiot) and feel the need to dissect and learn things (usually the hard way) yourself.

    And do be prepared for some slow moving at many points in the game. The clock in EVE runs at real time.


  4. Troy

    I tried EVE over Steam a few day ago… I really enjoyed the character creation and have a feeling I’d LOVE the game.

    …the only problem is that I have trouble READING the game.

    I barely got through the tutorial (maybe 1 hr) before feeling eyestrain with my 1680×1050 widescreen LCD. The fonts are just so darn SMALL.

    None of the graphics options helped, either.

    You guys have any tips? I’d love to keep playing EVE.


  5. Captain Braddock

    For those Headed out in to the world of EVE a few tips from a battleharden player who does cares about new players

    1 use evemon to plan your skills.
    2 doe your learning skills (it reduces time to learn other skills
    3 if going into low sec never fly anything you cant afford to loose
    4 always insure your ship if you cant then you are not ready for that ship
    5 for combat don’t mix diferent guns get best shot at the same spot(no rails and blaster for instance
    6 try joining a player corp as these will help you more then the NPC (computer controlled ) corps
    7 Set a goal
    8 d’ont be afraid after a week to make a new char when you finnaly discover what you want to be to get the good starting attributes.
    9 don’t forget to have fun :)

    Greetz From The Chaos Legion a place where noobs can grow

    And troy if you don’t get your awnser here ask it via the help channel someone will know, dot hesitate to ask it multiple times, its like a doctor you always want a second opinion :)


  6. Eric

    You certainly dont seem to have a lot of luck in eve :(. From reading here people must think you’re constantly blown up ;).

    …the only problem is that I have trouble READING the game.
    There is an option to double the width of the font in the 1st page of your options screen. ESC > General Settings > Font width.


  7. Rick

    @Robert, if you do try Eve again, get in touch with Eve University. They’re an excellent corporation dedicated to helping new players in the Eve universe. They have lots of classes, from combat to mining to trade and manufacturing. They run corporation mining events, which is a great way to both help the corp and to make lots of isk, much more than you could make alone. They also run occassional combat missions. I’d highly recommend them, they made my year in Eve one of my more enjoyable mmorpg experiences. I don’t know if Eve would have clicked with me if I hadn’t stumbled across E-uni on my second attempt at the game.

    Here’s a link to their recruitment thread on the official Eve forums.

    Wilhelm, gonna be flying a throwaway Badger over to your mission hub sometime soon? Man, that hurts, losing the rigs. I’ve been in your situation before, in a ship that’s way to expensive for a hop into lowsec, but my cheap ships 8 or 10 jumps away. I never got nabbed, but it’s not because I’m smart or anything. Just lucky :)

    My apologies if the links don’t work, no preview option!


  8. Brutal

    >> And do be prepared for some slow moving at many points in the >> game. The clock in EVE runs at real time.

    to be honest , Coming to EVE from other MMOs the above turned me off completely the first Time i hit EVE for the 14 day Trial .the horrible tutorial didn’t help either .

    I’ve Followed your Posts about EvE since I stumbled upon this blog couple months ago. I’ve enjoyed your informative posts , in fact got the recent ones had me itching to give the game another go.
    hats off to you sir !
    it’s been a fun couple days so far . and i know i am just
    scratching the surface .


  9. Robert

    Well, I’ve subscribed!
    I installed the client, created a character and went through the tutorial.
    The tutorial broke once or twice along the way, forcing me to skip to the next section, but ah well.
    I’m working on training up my Learning associated skills after just having completed training up Frigate 2 or something so I can fly a Bantan or whatever it’s called. My goal is to be a really valuable miner to that hopefully some corporation out there will find me useful and I can be part of the stories I read :)


  10. Brutal

    @ Robert ,
    I suspect you started up a Caldari as the Bantam is a Caldari Ship .

    Well if you are starting up In the “Todaki” System, do the the StoryLine Missions for the agent at the school of applied knowledge .
    i’ve run these very recently and on mission 5 or 6 , offer a Bantam as a reward for completing the objectives and it easily surpasses the starting Ibis .

    as for corporations ,
    any pointer how to find a newbie friendly US Pacific Time zone corp ?


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