Daily Archives: April 5, 2008

Gaming, Education, and the Digital Generation

Tech reporting luminary Robert X. Cringley (author of my favorite book of Silicon Valley tales, “Accidental Empires,” which you should run out and get, along with my other favorite book on the subject, “In Search of Stupidity“) has posted three columns in as many weeks exploring the current education system and how it may change when the generation who knew computers and high tech from birth (I only got a computer in college, so that isn’t me) end up running the store.

While not really focused on gaming, they are worth reading, and the influence of gaming does come up.

But the interesting part, for me was the intersection these posts had with some of Dr. Richard Bartle’s keynote speech at the IMGDC a week back. A PDF version of his presentation is available from his site here. It is also interesting, amusing and worth your time.

A fundamental, underlying message of both of Dr. Bartle and not-quite-Dr. Cringley is that, in the end, the generation that has come of age with PCs, the internet, and all the technological infrastructure, that knows it, uses it, and embraces it, will change… must change… the current dull sausage factory (not to get too Pink Floyd) that is education today, spitting you out when it is done with you, rather than when you are done with it.

Or something like that.

Food for thought at least… but not sausages.