Daily Archives: April 7, 2008

A Message from The Agency?

I’ve read a few complaints about SOE putting banner ads up on their various site. I’ve added my own comments to various threads about how stupid it is to run such ads on their site.

I have seen banner ads up on their site for products that compete with SOE’s offerings.

And then there are the crap ads that just make the various SOE sites seem very low rent.

Still, I have to cut SOE a little slack.

I have to imagine that the whole banner ad thing was a Sony Pictures edict as opposed to a scheme to, say, off-set the cost of Brenlo’s coffee. (Although Sony Pictures does not have banner ads on most of their other sites, so maybe it is the coffee.)

And when I go look at Sony Computer Entertainment‘s site (the group to which SOE now reports), I do not see any banner ads, so maybe they will go away at some future date.

But every once in a while an ad comes up that is eerily suggestive, such as this one:

I get the feeling that if I click yes I will get an offer of employment and if I click no I will get an offer to solve that problem. The Agency has you covered.