CGW/GFW Magazine: 1981-2008

I saw it over on Ars Technica first. The April/May issue of Games for Windows: The Official Magazine, formerly Computer Gaming World, will be the last issue availble, ending a 27 year publication run.

Jeff Green covers the closure on his 1Up blog page.

Though the magazine will cease to exist, the editorial staff will transition to online coverage as part of the 1Up team.

While that is good news, I will miss having an old fashioned, real, print magazine in my hands every month. But I am old fashion that way.

[Make sure you catch the memorial podcast from the GFW editorial team.]

[And the official Games For Windows Magazine Moves Online announcement.]

3 thoughts on “CGW/GFW Magazine: 1981-2008

  1. Crazykinux

    I’ve got every issue of GFW since the switch from CGW. I loved that magazine. They had great articles, insightfull essays and still had some objectivity, which is rare for a gaming magazine these days.

    I’m sad to see it go.


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  3. Bildo

    I love the quick-paced news of the Internet sites, but I will always long for the ability to take gaming magazines with me into the pooper.

    GFW will be missed.

    I just hope Game Informer never follows suit.


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