Galactic Student Council

The EVE Online Council of Stellar Management election cycle is moving along and, more than anything else, it reminds me of student council elections back in high school.

Okay, I am a bit of a cynic.

We have a group of players who managed to get on the ballot (I missed how that process worked, but it ended on April 1st, so it is done), who are vying to serve on the council which consists of nine full members and five alternate members, the duties of which are…


This is what CCP says:

During their six-month term, delegates to the council will deliberate on issues of importance to the EVE community and work with representatives of CCP on the future evolution of EVE Online.

So it might very well be the Galactic United Nations, a step down from student council level, since at least the student council had the power to choose the themes for the homecoming dance and the prom.

Student council is probably more appropriate, looking at the list of candidates and their campaign tag lines. They lack the sense of entitlement that the UN brings out in politicians.

Like the campaign slogans from high school, they ring of promises from people who aren’t sure exactly what they will be able to deliver.

They want to be our voice, or represent us, or at least represent our views.

They will be there for the average player, the new players, the carebear players, the empire players, the small corps, and the independents.

And they promise to preserve EVE as a living ecosystem, promote equality for the solo player as well as the masses, make POS warfare less tedious, and fight issues that affect the fight against RMT.

(All of those confuse me, but the last one really does. Are they are for or against RMT?)

The two week election cycle begins on May 5th, and we will know which 9 players will get a free trip to Iceland to be co-opted by meet directly with CCP by May 21st. (Do the alternates get to go as well?)

And what will come of this? Will this end up being a better approach than, as an example, SOE’s hand-picked community influencers program?

I’m not sure we’ll even be able to tell in the end.

But if you want more information or take the Council of Stellar Management a bit more seriously than I do, go take a look at this post over on CrazyKinux’s site.

He is a bit more upbeat on the whole thing and has more and better informational links to help you make an informed choice come May.

(And now, as I am done, I see Van Hemlock has his own post on the subject, using some of the same quotes. Well, I have nothing else today, so I’m posting it.)

Me? I’m going to vote for the candidate that says they’ll take off their shoe and bang it on the table to get attention at the first meeting with CCP. That will be my candidate.

4 thoughts on “Galactic Student Council

  1. bluelinebasher

    The RMT bit made me think of Black Adder:
    Fight you with us on the morrow?
    Oh, goodness, no. I thought I’d fight with the enemy.


  2. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    There was a big smudge where somebody spilled coffee or tea on the schedule in the bloggers break room.

    I thought that the Council of Silly Muggles was assigned to me, but I could be wrong. Only the first letter was visible, and now I see that it could have easily been a “V” and not a “W.”

    The spill also covers the name of who was assigned to do a post on the latest dev blog where CCP says RMT is bad, but then defends their GTC flavor of RMT. Special emphasis to be placed on trite phrases like “Nothing could be farther from the truth,” the comparison between “redistributing wealth” and “injecting wealth,” and the fact that they have an economist on staff who should be writing about RMT and the harm/good that it does depending on whether it is CCP supported or not, because then it might have some credibility.

    I hope I didn’t just blow somebody’s work in progress!


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