Daily Archives: April 11, 2008

RMA Part Has Been Shipped

Well, at least Velocity Mirco is taking care of me. I received a note from them this morning with that line.

And, unlike my experiences last year with the x1950 card, I don’t have to send them my card first, then wait around for them to finish. Thank you VM!

In a case of “One screenshot is worth 1,000 minutes on hold,” my LOTRO screen artifacts picture seemed to be enough, along with a short description I submitted to Velocity Micro via their online support page, for them to RMA the card.

So, if LOTRO locking up and making your screen look like this:

LOTRO goes belly up again

feel free to borrow my screen shot.

Of course, I only got to the point of asking them for support after I had exhausted all other paths (so you see, my behavior in EVE is part of my flawed personality) I could think of with my system. Now I have to undo some of those as EVE has started abending on me at random points while I am mining or fighting.

Life in the fast lane I guess.

But at least I might be able to get LOTRO up an stable in time for the 1 year anniversary of it going live.