RMA Part Has Been Shipped

Well, at least Velocity Mirco is taking care of me. I received a note from them this morning with that line.

And, unlike my experiences last year with the x1950 card, I don’t have to send them my card first, then wait around for them to finish. Thank you VM!

In a case of “One screenshot is worth 1,000 minutes on hold,” my LOTRO screen artifacts picture seemed to be enough, along with a short description I submitted to Velocity Micro via their online support page, for them to RMA the card.

So, if LOTRO locking up and making your screen look like this:

LOTRO goes belly up again

feel free to borrow my screen shot.

Of course, I only got to the point of asking them for support after I had exhausted all other paths (so you see, my behavior in EVE is part of my flawed personality) I could think of with my system. Now I have to undo some of those as EVE has started abending on me at random points while I am mining or fighting.

Life in the fast lane I guess.

But at least I might be able to get LOTRO up an stable in time for the 1 year anniversary of it going live.

6 thoughts on “RMA Part Has Been Shipped

  1. isanox

    I had a similar problem with my video card. While waiting for a RMA replacement I downgraded the speed, and that seemed to help.

    The problem is the heat is causing some of the memory modules of the video to come loose. By reducing the speed, it lowers the heat load.

    I used ATI tool.


  2. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    @isanox – Among the many ways I spent screwing up my computer over the last week or so was a good deal of time turning down the clock speed on the GPU and memory and monitoring temp like an obsessive. (Always try to play to your strengths)

    In the end, heat itself did not seem to be doing diddly. It may have caused harm in the past, but the damage was done, because I could keep the card at 40 C with fans blowing (and my current case has an obscene number of fans in it… I can’t wait until one goes bad and I have to find the one with the noisy bearing) and clocks turned down, and I still got the same issue in the same time frame.

    So, bad card goes home while new and, we hope, good card comes to stay.


  3. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    No, I did not get into tinkering with the voltage, but I was strictly down clocking the card. The defaults for the card itself are at the very low end of clock speeds I have seen for 8800GT cards, and I only went down from there, so I would hope that voltage would be okay.


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