Where is Tetris for the DS?

My daughter has had her Nintendo DS for two months now, and I have had my own for a little over a month.

We have been mostly about Pokemon over that time, with some side trips into Horsez 2 and Mario Party DS.

And while I like Pokemon quite a bit, it isn’t really a game to pick up and play frantically for a bit then set aside. It has something of an MMO vibe to it in that there is always something to do, places to travel, people to find, and often, just work to be done. That is good, in that it keeps me coming back, but sometimes you want the a game with no long-term commitment.

I have also fooled around with BrainAge a bit (current age: 33), but sometimes I don’t feel inclined to exercise my pre-frontal cortex by doing math problems or memorizing four letter words.

I went to GameFly to see what games I might put in our queue to scratch that gaming itch.

And, digging through the lists of games, I found Tetris DS.

Now there was a game that seemed worth having.

I was going to put it on the list, but then decided I to just go buy it.

After all, when have I ever been disappointed by Tetris?

I had a copy of Tetris on my Mac SE back in the days when a 9″ monochrome monitor seemed cool and have had versions of the game on a number of different platforms SINCE.

So I started looking around for it when I was out and about.

It wasn’t on the shelf at Fry’s.

No luck at BestBuy.

Strike out at GameStop.

Negative at Toys R Us.

Deciding to get serious, and armed with a gift certificate, I went to Amazon to order it and be done.

And Amazon did not have it. They only had “other ordering options” listed, with copies starting at $48.

Has this edition of Tetris been discontinued?

It is still listed on the official Nintendo DS site.

It even has its own official web site.

The Wikipedia entry on it does not have any details, other than to say that it seems to be oddly hard to obtain in some regions.

Then I went to eBay, to see how the used market was going. Searching on Tetris DS brought up the usual eBay assortment of results. The best of the “not quite what I wanted” entries was this one:

Good luck with that sale.

Filtering out the odd, actual copies of Tetris DS seem to be going for above retail on eBay.

Which brings me back to my question: What became of Tetris DS?

I cannot imagine that it was so unpopular that it would have been dropped. The demand on eBay is keeping the price up such that one might have been better off investing in copies of Tetris DS as opposed to, say, CitiBank.

Who knows the story? What is the mystery behind the lack of Tetris DS?

6 thoughts on “Where is Tetris for the DS?

  1. tacofish

    My understanding is that it is out of print. I was lucky and found one at Gamestop (used of course) for $28. Which, while more than I wanted to pay, was in fact a good deal, considering I’ve seen used copies going online for $75. If you ever see a copy of it, get it. It is very good, and if you play your DS online, the multiplayer games are also quite fun. Perhaps they will re-issue it soon? Good luck!


  2. Graktar

    If Gamefly has it, go ahead and put it at the top of your queue to rent. When it arrives, see if you can use the ‘keep it’ option. I’ve managed to snag a couple of hard-to-find titles that way, and Gamefly’s used prices are quite reasonable. I have yet to see Gamefly refuse to sell a game once it had shipped to me.


  3. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    Gamefly hasn’t been offering many games up for sale lately. The “keep it” option hasn’t show up on any of the DS titles I have had, and it seems to be pretty rare for Wii games now as well.

    Tetris DS is listed as “Not for sale.”


  4. Captain Angry

    I’m not suprised its tough to find, it is a pretty good title.

    Unfortunately I am one of those scoundrels that owns a DS flash cart and just downloaded it…


  5. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    GameStop up the street from where I work ended up having a used copy on the shelf. $29, which is darn close to the new price, but at least they had it.


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