LOTRO is Go!

The replacement 8800GT arrived from Velocity Micro yesterday afternoon. So after a quick swap I was able to try the new card out.

The first thing I did was run the nVidia stability test which would cause the old card to crash within 30 seconds, regardless of card temperature.

The new card ran through a 10 minute pass without issue.

Then I brought up LOTRO, got out my hunter, and played for a little over an hour.

No issues their either. Plus, my hunter hit level 24. Only one more level until he gets his first horse.

So I am all set to play Lord of the Rings Online again.

And a good thing too.

Within the instance group there has been some renewed interest in LOTRO.

Skronk (Potshot) has been back in the game a bit.

Ula has shown some interest in coming back to play now that housing is available.

And I have had the urge to go back for a while now, which is why I have been griping about my video card issue.

And that urge increased when I read that one of the new Book 13 features is fishing!


For no good reason I end up fishing in almost every MMO I play. (There is no fishing in EVE Online… but mining is pretty much the moral equivalent.)

I like that Turbine has declared fishing a “hobby” as opposed to a profession. Although you can cook your fish and eat them if you have the right profession, the true spirit that seems to be in play here is titles and such, always a strong point in LOTRO.

So look for me on the shores of Nen Harn, fishing pole in hand, some day soon.

11 thoughts on “LOTRO is Go!

  1. p@tsh@t


    Go Velocity Micro! And good thing too, because I’m getting all backed up with group quests that I’ve been sitting on just in case…


  2. Syncaine

    Hey Wilhelm, how often do you guys play? And do you have a set night to quest, like in WoW?

    My gf and I just re-subbed to LoTRO, and would really like to play with a set group, since all the best content is the group book stuff.


  3. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    We are not on a regular schedule at the moment, though Gaff and Potshot have both been playing quite a bit of late. (Both have been on IM with me today about LOTRO.)

    However, since one of our instance group members, Earl, may be making his yearly migration to a new home come summer, we might divert from WoW and hit LOTRO for a while.

    Look for the kinship Fianna.

    [And I just noticed that you comment did not go straight to the spam bucket this time!]


  4. syncaine

    I posted from home. The comments go to spam if I post from work (like this, hello spam bin!)

    I think we will be in the Kinship Easy Company (big, casual, lots of grouping opportunities), but I’ll be sure to look you all up and add you as friends, so hopefully we can get together for a quest or two (we are starting over, so might be a while before we catch up in levels even to alts).


  5. Zaiya

    Hi there,
    Can you tell me where to get the Nvidia stability tester… I’m having the same video issue with my Nvidia 8800 GT card you were with LoTRO and your blog has been so helpful.


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