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April in Review

The Site

My post, “SOE Announces Graphite Realms,” was popular enough to make April 1st, 2008 my highest traffic day ever. (Brenlo is never going to give me SOE office supplies again!)

It was, of course, me indulging in one of the two long held April Fool’s Day traditions. The first tradition is pranks and similar tomfoolery. The second tradition is complaining about all the pranks and tomfoolery. Together they have a perfect symbiotic relationship.

I supposed that I will never earn my curmudgeon certification until I leave the first tradition for the second. Maybe next year.

The worst thing about hitting a peak though, is the fact that there is always that slope down on the other side as traffic returns to normal.

Roller Coaster!

On another topic, WordPress.com has added a new feature that generates links to possibly related posts. If you opt in, some links, under the heading “Possibly related posts: (automatically generated),” may end up at the bottom of your posts. Your own site only gets linked if you opt in.

I opted in, just to see what came up. So far, most of my posts lack possibly related links, though “Angling in Angmar” has a few connections to fishing blogs. Imagine that!

And, finally, I have received a SINGLE entry in response to the LOTRO Banner Contest post. And that guy doesn’t even play LOTRO. So the next entry could be the winner! A 30-Day time code there for the taking!

If you are having problems with the 730 x 140 size, just get close (a little bigger is better than too small) and you won’t be disqualified. Having made a hundred or so banners, getting the sizing right is easy, but I understand that some people have problems in that regard.

Get your entry in by May 16th!

One Year Ago

Back in April 2007 we were wondering what was going to happen with Sigil Games Online after their less than stellar Vanguard launch. (*snort*) There was much speculation. Soon, however, we would be free from the rambling posts of Aradune.

In EverQuest II Gaff and I visited Emperor Fyst, I ran around in Nektropos Castle with the Everling clan, and complained about experience in Splitpaw.

While our WoW group was winding down for the summer, with Earl off to Broadway, the remaining four of us went off to Middle-earth with the launch of LOTRO. Titles were the new thing! A year later, I still have yet to get any of those emote titles.

I answered the musical meme question, “Five Reasons Why I Blog.”

Van Hemlock was leet.

Our Wii finally came out of the box.

And, finally, I had a problem with a video card that eventually had to be RMA’d, which sounds a lot like this April. I hope this won’t turn into a yearly thing.

New Linking Sites

A big thanks to these sites who link to TAGN. I encourage you to give them a visit in return.

So maybe it will be next month when I cannot find a new site linking to The Ancient Gaming Noob.

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Best Search Terms

somebody thinking
[not here]

faux wood computer
[Like those station wagons from the 1970s?]

isk exchange rate wow
[I don’t think you can spend ISK in WoW… not yet, anyway.]

EVE Online

I had the big move to Amarr space which has started me on a big mission-running grind for standings. I have been running lots of missions. I have also been mining lots of kernite. And then there was my industrialist aspirations, producing Badgers for fun and profit. I still rarely see anybody I know in EVE, though Van Hemlock was nice enough to convo me to say “Hi!”


I embedded that Sayonara Norrath video in a post to help promote Tipa’s EverQuest Nostalgia Trip campaign, and it darn near snagged me as well.

However with LOTRO coming back into vogue, EVE still simmering, and the instance group still going, I knew the free time for another venture wasn’t going to be there.

It will probably be Fall again before I return to pre-cataclysm Norrath. Next time around I’ll get Gaff and Potshot signed up and we’ll see how far we get.

Lord of the Rings Online

A replacement 8800GT card fixed my video issues. I still use the nVidia control panel to turn up the fan on the card when I play LOTRO though. The “automatic control” seems to think turning the blades at 29% of max rpms is the solution for all heat issues. I crank it up to 60% when I venture into Middle-earth, which keeps the card in a reasonable temperature range, if you consider 60 C reasonable.

New criteria for the next video card: Better heat sink mechanism.

Once in LOTRO, fun is there to be had. Some of the instance group plus Gaff “three box” are back in Middle-earth as well. There is fishing, fighting, and crafting. And, in general, the game seems a bit smoother compare to our last venture into it. Combat has been tweaked so it feels a bit less awkward. It still isn’t at the WoW level of responsiveness, but it has been improved.

Random trivia: A dwarf guardian yells A LOT in combat!

World of Warcraft

The instance group has been moving forward, though with the failure at the Mana Tombs, it appears that the difficulty level is starting to ramp up. Aside from Earl though, we do not seem to be spending much of our non-instance group time in Azeroth. Middle-earth is stealing that time.


While the Wii has not been getting a ton of use, it still entertains guests. Lots of Mario Kart 64, Mario Kart Double-Dash, and LEGO Star Wars gets played with visitors, along with the usual Wii sports.

A friend of ours brought over Endless Ocean. Our friend is big into the scuba diving, so thought it was a great game. My daughter likes it quite a bit. For my part, “endless” seems to be an apt description, as the game seems to slowly plod along with no end in sight. More like Interminable Ocean to me.


My daughter has been distracted from Pokemon Diamond a bit over the last month. First it was Pokemon Pearl. She wanted to get going there to capture the Pokemon that aren’t in Diamond. Then there was a one week love affair with Horsez 2, which we got through GameFly. All this has allowed me to catch up, somewhat, with her in the game, and we both stand with 7 gym badges and are chasing around Team Galactic with a vengeance. She still has the advantage in that a couple of her Pokemon are in the low 60s, while my highest level Pokemon is only 42.

Coming Up

Instance group, adventures in Middle-earth, the ongoing struggle in EVE, and perhaps the defeat of Team Galactic?

It has been a while since I have written anything on the topic of ancient gaming. Perhaps I should dig through my notes and post on that topic. My Stellar Emperor/MegaWar III posts seem to be getting a lot of traction of late.