Daily Archives: May 1, 2008

Alting in Hellfire

Saturday night found us one player short. Bung was out with some sort of contagious crud. So we decided it might be a good night for working on alts.

Unfortunately, while our main group is fairly well coordinated when it comes to being able to work as a team, our alts are a little more chaotic. So this is who we had roving Hellfire Peninsula on Saturday night.

59 Warrior – Scscla
60 Hunter – Nodens
64 Hunter – Tistann
70 Warrior – Earlthecatwo

Tistann is my own hunter alt, while Nodens is Skronk’s. Scscla (pronounced on Skype as “shizz-ill-uh” and not “scuzz-claw”) is Ula’s gnome warrior alter ego. And Earlthecatwo is Earlthecat’s… well… level 70 warrior alt. Earl can be a binge player at time, so his alt hit 70 a while back, has a flying mount (which we got to see finally) and is doing the daily quests to grind cash for his epic flying mount.

Between us and out pets, we had lots of tanking, plenty of DPS, no healing unless you count pet healing, and not many other options.

We briefly discussed our potential for doing Hellfire Ramparts, but decided we had best stick to group quests.

On the plus side, Earl and Tistann had not done any of the group quests in Hellfire Peninsula.

The downside was that Sccla and Nodens were not yet eligible for those quests.

I read the 10 Commandments of Altitis yesterday and thought perhaps an 11th ought to be something along the lines of “if you plan to do more than solo with your alt, you might try to plan alts with your friends.”

Not that that is what alts are about, but here we were at the picnic and everybody ignored instructions and brought potato salad.

So we got together to just plow through some level 60-ish quests together.

At the time the experience for killing mobs did not seem to bad, running to 250-300 exp per.

However, when I thought about it, I realized that, solo, these guys were 1000-1200 exp. I think the fact that we were playing LOTRO the night before and were killing light blue and green mobs for a quest, 19-27 exp per kill, might have colored my perception.

There was much node harvesting as we quested and Tistann, who is a leatherworker, made out well skinning ravagers and boars.

And Scscla hit level 60. Always a landmark level.

We still have not decided our path for next week.