Daily Archives: May 2, 2008

The Proposition

im here on behalf on goonswarm and would be interested to know if you and your small corp would be interested in moving to 0.0 space with us

That was the beginning of a conversation with a complete stranger in EVE Online. He sent me a convo invite and pretty much opened up with that.

Goonswarm? Heady stuff for a noob like me.

I was interested at once because, say what you will about the Goons, they do seem to live an exciting existence in New Eden.

The temptation was great.

I did explain that my corp was so small that I was the only active member, but that did not seem to be an issue for him.

There were, of course, issues for me.

The first was the 150 million ISK up front security deposit, promised to be returned once they were sure I was not a spy.

Money up front is a concept I generally associate with entangled Nigerian assets and contractors who don’t finish the job.

Given that Goon philosophy described elsewhere about winning the game by making the other guy quite, I would not find it far fetched if this was just a way for somebody else to come off 150 million ISK richer at my expense. There are no rules against that sort of griefing in EVE, so woe to the fool who is parted from his money easily.

And then there is me and my own EVE play style which, given some of the feedback I’ve gotten, frustrates the crap out of a few readers.

I tend to plod around, exploring dusty corners of the game, completely ignoring what people often tell me is “the point” of EVE, which is PVP in 0.0 space. But that is the way I end up playing most games.

And there are always more of this little corners to explore in EVE. Just yesterday Van Hemlock posted a guide to exploration and scanning. This has been on my “To do” list for a while. Something new to occupy my hours!

So I am torn on the decision. Continue on my usual path? Try something radically new and potentially be bilked out of some ISK?

To bee or not to bee, that is the question.