Daily Archives: May 8, 2008

The Realities of Production

So far the production of Badgers, the Caldari industrial ship that is one of the most ubiquitous haulers in the game, has gone well.

Production and sales have been steady, while the prices I have been able to get for the ships has been well above my initial target price, thanks in large to the previously mentioned regional price differentials.

One of my goals for this production experiment has been to minimize the outlay of ISK. So after buying the blueprint original and doing the material efficiency research on it, I have kept the actual ISK expenses to just production station costs.

That meant mining my own minerals versus buying them on the market.

Not a problem, at first. Each production run of 15 Badgers requires the following minerals:

Tritanium   372,000 units
Pyerite      98,865 units
Mexallon     37,860 units
Isogen        5,760 units
Nocxium       1,980 units
Zydrine         375 units

The first four types are all easily obtained by mining in high security space. And Nocxium can be found in high sec as well by mining Pyroxeres, though the rate and which you get it is pretty slow.

And then there is Zydrine.

I do not need a ton of it, but it is not readily obtainable in empire space. There is at least one mission where Gneiss asteroids show up, and refining Gneiss will get you some Zydrine, but it is a roll of the dice actually getting the right mission.

I managed to get through the first half dozen production runs without going to market just based on the Zydrine I had collected from missions. Reprocessing every equipment drop from every NPC will supply a little bit. The drops from drone missions will get you a little more.

But, in the end, I had to start buying it.

Granted, it is totally worth the expenditure.

But something about it rankles. I like to be self sufficient in my trade skills and not at the mercy at the market.

But that’s just me.