Daily Archives: May 14, 2008

Reader Mail – Which MMO?

Yes, I do get reader mail once in a while.

And, on occasion, it is about something other than my incompetence or a directive on what I should be doing in a given game. (If EVE, then “join a corp, get to 0.0,” else “Join a guild and start raiding.”)

Yes, once in a while, people who claim to read the site write in and ask me for advice. They do not perhaps see what I see when I look at the site, which is a great monument to my not knowing what the heck I am doing. Asking me for advice, at least gaming advice, strikes me as something akin to the blind asking to be led by the blind.

So, I thought I would share this email and see what any passing reader might offer up as an answer.

I’ve decided to move on from WoW, as it leaves me with an empty soulless feeling having to level again and the magic just isn’t there. I was wondering if you could recommend an MMO for me. I was thinking maybe finding a leveling partner for wow, but I’m not sure i can commit to a schedule like others would ask for. I’ve tried CoH/CoV but it didn’t have the depth or phat loot pleasures I’m looking for. Basically I’m looking for casual depth and a community (because soloing WoW killed my inner child). Any ideas?

This is a tough one.

How do you reconcile time constraints with a dislike of solo play and a need for phat lootz?

EverQuest would certainly cure any soloing. EVE Online has community, but the depth is hardly casual.

I would have to start off with picking an MMO where you have friends playing, or can get friends to play. Even if time constraints are tough, buckle down and find a time when you can play together.

As for a specific game… I will open that up to reader comments. What MMO might best suit these requirements?

(Or maybe Massively has the answer.)