Apotheosis Now!

For you, children, on your fifth birthday. May your next five years be as full of promise and hope, and may you one day walk with us as equals among the stars.

Idmei Sver, Society of Conscious Thought, on the fifth anniversary of the Capsuleer Era.

For the EVE Online 5th anniversary we all got a special shuttle called an Apotheosis.

A few weeks back that might have seemed a cheap gift, but with the removal of NPC sold shuttles, the price of such craft have become quite dear in some regions.

It appears to be just a shuttle. It has better scanners than the standard Caldari shuttle, but otherwise seems to be the same stat for stat, and therefore a bit less than god-like. Maybe it will grow over time.

Still, it does have its own look.

I think you can hang your laundry from all that piping that is sticking out of it.

Anyway, from what I can tell, it shows up in the station where you have your clone based, should you be looking for yours.

5 thoughts on “Apotheosis Now!

  1. Telor Manmatar

    I would keep it in the hangar if you plan on playing long term. Give it a couple of years and they’ll be worth a fortune.


  2. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    Yes, I have seen a bunch up for sale on the contracts page. I am tempted to buy a couple of the cheap ones just as an investment.

    Still, if they gave on to everybody, there are a lot out there, they might not appreciate much for a long time.


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