My Kind of EVE Mission

I got this as a story line mission the other night: (Click to enlarge)

Five million ISK to haul a document four systems over. Did it in a shuttle, so it took all of two minutes!

8 thoughts on “My Kind of EVE Mission

  1. Godlesswanderer

    Damn, it seems I need to be doing missions more often. I stopped doing them about two weeks after I first started playing, which means it’s been a couple years since my last mission.


  2. Crazykinux

    Talk about a lucrative mission! The most I’ve ever made is about 2 million ISK if I recall. You must be pampering your agents like crazy!



  3. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    I actually made 7.3 million ISK on a single level 3 mission last night. (Counting reward, bonus, and bounties, but not counting the value of loot and salvage)

    It took me an hour to run, so the ISK per minute was not so hot compared to this courier mission, but that is about on par with what I can make an hour mining. And blowing stuff up is always more fun that hauling things.


  4. Placebo Effect

    What level mission was that?

    I just finished my 14-day trial and decided to subscribe. I’m loving the game and wishing I would have conitnued playing after beta, but the game wasn’t the same back then.

    I’m running my measly level 1 missions and the most I’ve made is 200k on a single mission, but I’d like to get more. Mining is not much of an option for me as I’d rather shoot myself in the face with a Minmatar projectile!

    Any idea what the highest monetary value can be found on level 1 missions?

    Anyways, thanks for all the EvE news- maybe I’ll see you in game!

    Placebo Effect


  5. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    200K is a pretty healthy level 1 mission. I cannot recall seeing any with more than that, not counting bounty payouts for pirates killed.

    Bounty payouts are a large part of the mission rewards. The 7.3 million ISK mission I mentioned in a comment above was half a million for the mission, half a million bonus for finishing quickly, and then 6.3 million in CONCORD bounties for killing the bad guys. I hate missions with targets that have no bounties, though they usually drop other things to make it somewhat worth it.


  6. Letrange

    Thought I would point out that it was a story line mission (I’ve gotten it a few times). Which means you need to slog thru 16 regular missions to get a chance at this one. It is however really sweet to get it.


  7. Mahq Mur

    Placebo – the fastest isk on level 1s is to move up to level 2s :)

    The only reason to run level 1 or 2 missions, really, is to get the standings with the corp you’re doing missions for so you can get up to level 3 (and eventually level 4) agents.

    Now, take this with a grain of salt, because my character has been training for missions and I have a lot of experience running them. But, that aside, I average at least 30 million isk per hour running level 4s in high sec.

    Most of the keys to making excellent money running missions are:
    1. Find a high quality (12 or above) level 4 agent
    2. Find that agent in the lowest, high-sec you can (.5 is best)
    3. Try to avoid really crowded areas, though
    4. Train social skills. They really boost the rewards and LP
    5. Know the missions
    5.1. Know how to defend against the damage you take
    5.2. Know what kind of damage to deal
    5.3. Know what order to kill ships in
    5.4. Know which missions to skip (I have to reject few)
    6. Balance your ship fittings so that you have enough tank to finish a mission, but no more. Everything else should be focused on dealing the most damage possible

    Personally, I don’t worry about salvaging (at all), and I only loot the wrecks I can reach with the tractor beam on my raven (usually just battleship wrecks). Anything else I leave because it is more efficient use of my time to get bounties, rewards, and loyalty points faster even if I sacrifice loot and salvage.

    Now, if you use two accounts or get into a marauder… salvaging and looting more is possible without slowing down your other income :)


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