LOTRO Banner Contest Winners!

The 365 Day LOTRO Anniversary Contest is over, the entries have been reviewed and ranked, and a winner must be declared!

The Rating System

With only four entries in the contest, two of which showed up with less than 24 hours to go, the review process was not very difficult.

I put all of the entries up on my screen in PaintShop Pro, asked my wife to come rate them, and had the results. Her rankings matched mine, if not always for the exact same reasons, so that was that.

Third Place

The third place entry came from Ilya, who was also the person who provided the subject for last week’s reader mail question. His entry did not thrill my wife. She described it as a “troll walking towards a pool of blood.” I did not point out that it was in fact a Hobbit as her views on trolls tend to be more influenced by “The Three Billy Goats Gruff” rather than the high fantasy milieu. But I got her point, the picture was quite clearly from LOTRO, but a bit grim looking, and so it came in third place.

Second Place

Second place went to Gaff who sent in, at my prompting, this picture in front of the boar fountain in Bree. (The fountain is, no doubt, a memorial to all the boars that gave their lives helping level up so many adventurers.) My wife liked this picture quite a bit as it gave a very tangible view of a place in Middle-earth.

First Place

First place went to Justin for his misty golden landscape banner. My wife was drawn to it immediately, saying it made her feel like adventure and discoveries were almost within sight. This from somebody who really is not into the genre. I had to agree that it was a beautiful shot, and so it is up as the banner on the site today. The only problem with it is that the white lettering for the site name gets somewhat washed out


Since I will, eventually, have nine 30 day LOTRO time codes to give away, and since there were only three entries, I have decided to send a time code to each of the three participants.

The time codes should be in your email inbox by the end of the day.

Thank you to those who took the time to enter the contest!

The Other Entry

I said there were four entries at the top. The other entry came from a co-worker who does not play LOTRO and who seemed determined to break as many of the contest rules as he could. So he:

  • Did not size it correctly
  • Attached it as a .bmp
  • Sent it to the wrong email address
  • Used artwork from Turbine
  • Threw it together in MS Paint

This is what he sent:


I need an idea for another LOTRO contest. Feel free to leave a comment or drop me an email if you have a suggestion.

4 thoughts on “LOTRO Banner Contest Winners!

  1. mbp

    I vote you send that cheating co-worker a time-code anyway. It might encourage him to actually start playing the game and see the error of his ways!


  2. yunk

    Who is that guy impaled on the witch king’s sword?

    I was thinking of your blog over the weekend I was at my friend’s house. His daughter is in 2nd grade, and was playing Hannah Montanna adventure on her DS. In this game you get quests from npcs and you go do something, at the mall, or the recording studio, etc.

    So she was showing me the game and whenever dialogue came up she very quickly hit the buttons to skip all the dialogue. (there was usually about 10 screens of dialogue). I asked her “did you read that before?” and she said “no”. I asked “why don’t you want to read it?” and she said “all they do is tell you want they want you to go do” but she could already figure it out and go do it.

    I just thought it was really funny,it’s just how we play MMOs, but even his little kid just skips by all the dialogue to just go do the quest.


  3. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    Hrmm, where have I seen that head before?

    Yes, my daughter does the same thing, just slams through the text without reading. Then she comes to me when she cannot figure things out!

    Worse still, she has started doing this with TV shows. With Tivo at home, almost everything she watches is recorded, so she’ll start blitzing through a show with the 30 second skip button, even when she hasn’t seen the show before.

    There I am watching Winx Club with her and she’s skipping through all the character development to get to a “good part.” Very annoying.


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