Daily Archives: May 21, 2008

Drake… Refined

I think I have finally gotten my level 3 mission running Drake set. I have been flying a Drake since November, so it is about time.

I can now blast through just about any level 3 mission without having to warp out except to reload or empty out my cargo bin. The only exceptions to that are the missions that suggest in bright red letters that you “bring a friend along” for the fight. And even those aren’t so bad. It makes things go boom.

This is my standard configuration, though I do change out the shield amplifiers if a mission calls for it:

High Slots
Heavy Missile Launcher II x4
‘Malkuth’ Assault Missile Launcher x2
Salvager I
Small Tractor Beam I

Medium Slots
Shield Recharger II x2
Large Shield Extender II x2
Heat Dissipation Amplifier II
Magnetic Scattering Amplifier II

Low Slots
Ballistic Control System II
Damage Control II
Shield Power Relay II x2

Rig Slots
Core Defense Field Purger I x2
Core Defense Field Extender I

I know I am wasting a launcher slot with both the tractor beam and the salvager in the high slots, but I like to clean up missions as I fight them. Call me Mr. Efficient. And I have yet to get to a point where one more launcher would have made the difference.

With the heavy launchers I can hit anything I can target thanks to missile skill training, while I keep the two assault launchers to deal with the inevitable frigates, destroyers, and wee drones.

Speaking of drones, I also keep five scout drones, usually hobgoblins, handy. An investment in drone skills means that I can launch all five and, as long as I don’t let them run free, they don’t get popped too often.

Most of the rest of the equipment gives the ship a decent passive tank, which I have grown accustomed to having. There is a level 3 mission where you face several capacitor draining defense towers along with a swarm of ships and, whether by design or by bug, the passive shield recharging keeps on chugging with an empty capacitor.

All of this, plus my shield related skills (Shield Operation 5, Shield Management 4, Thermic Shield Compensation 3, EM Shield Compensation 4, Explosive Shield Compensation 2, and Kinetic Shield Compensation 3) gives me the following statistics for my shield:

Shield Points: 14,792
Recharge Time: 277 seconds
Recharge per second: 53
EM Damage Resistance: 59.1%
Explosive Resistance: 62.8%
Kinetic Resistance: 55.4%
Thermal Resistance: 66.2%

Not a bad given the ships defaults:

Shield Points: 5,469
Recharge Time: 1,400 seconds
Recharge per second: 4
EM Damage Resistance: 0%
Explosive Resistance: 60%
Kinetic Resistance: 40%
Thermal Resistance: 20%

I have tried to avoid having more than two of any module, as the module stacking penalty seems to get pretty harsh after the second unit.

Of course, now that I am happy with my battlecruiser (though I’ll still take fitting suggestions!), I find I have enough faction with the Amarr Navy to start running level 4 missions, which means thinking about a battleship.

A new ship to buy and equip. I’ve got the ISK. It is just the planning that will take time.

Which way to go though, Raven or Rokh?