Witty Ranter #9

I was again invited to join Adam, along with Craig from Voyages in Eternity, Beau from Voyages of Vanguard, and Luper, the Voyages of Vanguard podcast co-host for another fun filled podcast round table.

The topic was RP vs. XP: Round 2!

As I stated the last time around, this is a huge topic and worthy of a whole series of shows

We moved through aspects of roleplay, like making roleplay elements mandatory in a game, what games have good role play elements built into them already (and Star Wars Galaxies gets its due this time along with Lord of the Rings Online), what intellectual property elements enhance role playing, is it easier to role play with a known IP like Star Wars or Lord of the Rings, do we role play, and game elements that would enhance role play in MMOs. I also point the team towards Fear the Boot, a podcast about role playing game.

In the end, there will probably be another show on this topic to try to wrap up some of the details.

Witty Ranter is part of the ever growing VirginWorlds Podcast Collective.

You can find episode #9 here or on iTunes.

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4 thoughts on “Witty Ranter #9

  1. yunk

    What I always found odd was a lot of people felt too intimidated in LOTRO to role play. They’d think “oh no i’m getting it wrong”, especially people who played elves. They’d think their elf was thousands of years old and had to know history perfectly. Or they’d say they felt “constricted”. But instead they should look at it as a challenge. How can I do something interesting within these parameters? After all the only writers I know all work on shows created by others, with characters created by others, and they seem to be able to do it.

    People worry too much. If they focused more on working with the other players they encounter to build on their stories, they’d find their own character’s story comes out naturally. Also, well normal people don’t sit around talking about ancient history all the time, so why would their characters? The characters always know things the players or actors don’t know.

    For me characters are about emotion. I was trained in improv, so I approach all my characters like that. I don’t think up backstories, just think about emotions and how the character acts, then I play him that way. The backstory comes up on the fly when I need an explanation. Then that way I get to learn about my character, but also, the mistakes make him more interesting, since I make a choice that is different than I might if I thought about it beforehand.

    For instance I had a dwarf in LOTRO who instead of mining or stonecutting, comes from a long line of lumberjacks. His family has always been low-caste of the Blue Mountain dwarves because of his odd profession, and this informs his behavior and mistrust of authorities and heroes, and why he wanders since he doesn’t feel like he has a home. But I never would have made him like that if I wasn’t using the forestry skill and have someone ask me why I picked Explorer. “Cause my pap was a lumberjack and his father before him!” I blurted out, and that was how it happened.


  2. Relmstein

    The closest me or my friends have ever gotten to role playing was when we logged back into a game after taking a hiatus for a month and someone asked who we were in guild chat. One of my friends without missing a beat typed, “Fairbane, High King of the Lost City of Tarzanatan, Who the hell are you?

    I don’t think a 12 step program would help since in general most people have been discouraged from using their imagination from an early age. In fact most role players I found in MMOs nowadays are people who have roots in classic table-top D&D. I did pick a RP-PvP server in Age of Conan but that’s mostly because RPer’s are great for reporting and getting rid of annoying little griefers. Greifers almost always have names that violate the RP ruleset.


  3. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    Well, I think the first step is to let go of all the pre-conceptions you have about role playing. The goal, in my opinion, should be to enhance your immersion in a game and, thereby, your enjoyment of it.

    The who Ren Faire accent, the strange names, and anything else that makes you feel awkward ought to be dispensed with immediately.

    There is a post in this somewhere. I’ll think on it.


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