Building Battleships

As I wrote previously, it is time for me to take a step forward in EVE Online, to get past my comfortable and reliable battlecruiser and level 3 missions, and start on something bigger.

The first step was, of course, acquire a battleship.

Since I had mostly trained up the Caldari spaceship command skill tree, the choices for which battleship were pretty clear; either a Raven or a Rokh.

Either represented a chunk of ISK, with Ravens going for around 85 million ISK while Rokhs for close to 130 million ISK.

While the Raven, oriented as it is towards a missile offense, was probably the right choice, I did not want to dismiss the Rokh out of hand. Having flown a Cormorant for early missions, I spent a good deal of time and ISK upgrading my gunnery skills before I joined the cult of the missile launcher.

I wanted to try them both, but I did not necessarily want to buy them both. At least not outright at market prices. That would have drained my bank account.

So I decided to put in some time working for them instead. Working in the form of mining so I could build both of them and still have money left to equip them and, ever so important in EVE, replace them should I have a mishap. And given my track record, that seemed a likely scenario.

I went to the contract interface and found single use blueprint copies for a Raven and a Rokh, both of which had nice high material efficiency ratings (40 and 32 respectively), to ensure I wasn’t wasting too much material in their construction. And then I started sorting out the minerals.

How much material to make a battleship?

The Raven blueprint required the following materials (with estimated market price):

Isogen      118,942 Units  7,136,520.00 ISK
Megacyte      2,262 Units  7,690,800.00 ISK
Mexallon    476,370 Units 16,672,950.00 ISK
Nocxium      29,701 Units  3,267,110.00 ISK
Pyerite   1,901,569 Units  8,557,060.50 ISK
Tritanium 7,604,695 Units 22,814,085.00 ISK
Zydrine       7,085 Units 17,712,500.00 ISK

I probably placed the price of minerals a bit high, but I tend to use the price I could get for those raw materials, since that is the cost to me to use them for construction rather than selling them on the open market. So the total cost of my Raven was:

Materials 83,851,025.50 ISK
Blueprint 900,000.00 ISK
Manufacturing 1,910.48 ISK

Total 84,752,935.98 ISK

Roughly equal to the lowest priced Raven I could find on the market, but without draining my ISK and giving me the additional satisfaction of having built it myself.

So I went to work on the Rokh next. Materials (with price estimates):

Isogen       169,546 Units 10,172,760.00 ISK
Megacyte       3,038 Units 10,329,200.00 ISK
Mexallon     668,504 Units 23,397,640.00 ISK
Nocxium       48,770 Units  5,364,700.00 ISK
Pyerite    3,182,327 Units 14,320,471.50 ISK
Tritanium 10,816,225 Units 32,448,675.00 ISK
Zydrine       12,430 Units 31,075,000.00 ISK

By this point I had used up my stores of Zydrine and Megacyte and had to go purchase some on the market, so the Rokh required some cash out of pocket

Materials 127,108,446.50 ISK
Blueprint 800,000.00 ISK
Manufacturing 1,910.48 ISK

Total 127,910,356.98 ISK

A bit of a discount when compared to the cheapest Rokh I could find on the market!

So I have another 212,663,292.46 ISK worth of ships sitting in my hanger and my bank account remains about the same, sales and a few missions having offset most of my costs.

Now I just have to equip them and figure out how to fight them.

And when I decide which one I like, I’ll just repackage the other one and sell it.

6 thoughts on “Building Battleships

  1. Eric

    Thats quite a bit of mining :). The Raven will probably be easier for lvl 4 missions, as you dont have to care about range, but the rokh should be able to tank very well. We’ll see what you decide :)


  2. Kevin

    The Raven is definitely simpler to run Level 4’s in vs a turret ship – I haven’t flown a Rokh, but did run 4’s for a while in a Megathron (w/ 425mm rails, just like on a Rokh). With the rails you have to be very focused on range, falloff, switching ammo to match, and also worry a bit more about the scrambling/webbing frigs (especially in a mission where just launching your drones to kill them aggros the entire room. Not good.).

    A Raven with Cruises can still quickly kill even a high speed orbiting frig (without drones if in a pinch, see above). Though the Mega was more challenging and therefore more fun to fly, the Raven is a tad “safer” and will probably let you complete the missions faster. Pick your poison. :) Good luck!


  3. Letrange

    The amusing thing is the actual production costs of those bpc’s Assuming a 3000/h slot it’s +/- 33500 Isk to make a single battleship BPC. Researching that BPO is not so simple – assuming a 6000/h slot (typical for high sec POS) it’s arround 387500 isk per ME. So at the bpc price you indicate after the researcher makes his 20th sale of a copy he starts making serious profits on a per bpc basis. But that’s reasonable since he forked out serious cash for the BPO.


  4. manasi

    Well, two ships, several different uses. I fly both although I am training a different race atm ( minmatar) The raven is a great missile boat and a good “spider” tanker as well. I have flown a “spider tanked” raven several times and in this role they work well. Ratting raven I also use extensively, very good in that role as well.

    The rokh, is one hell of a miner ( if you don’t count exhumer’s etc…miner2’s in the high’s mining laser upgrades in the lows + a great shield tank while mining.

    The rokh as a sniping battleship is fairly incredible, while I do not have the great skills for the large guns ( T2 guns really make this thing). The ranges that I have been told were upwards of 200km ( if you could lock at that range…

    So all in all keep em both and use em for different things.

    Nice blog I’ve subscribed :)


  5. thing

    heh sorry to spam, but domi = 53 mill, and pays out 62 mill with plat insurance :) however does require drone skills which would possibly be painful to train


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