EVE Online: Empyrean Age release date

New stuff coming soon to EVE Online!  Sooner than I thought.

EVE Online: Empyrean Age is slated for a June 10th release. The cold war that has existed between our four races for a hundred years is becoming very hot. It is now time for you to pick a side; some will fight for glory, others for personal gain. All will fight to win!

To find out more about the Empyrean Age expansion, please visit the features page and read all about the new content: the introduction of a faction ranking system, new militias being mustered, fresh agents pertaining to the massive conflicts, a dynamic new structure of system occupancy, details on hidden deadspace complexes and a whole new region in space, “Black Rise.”

EVE Online: Empyrean Age incorporates elements of fiction that will be introduced in a novel by the same name, slated for a June 19th release, by Tony Gonzales. The author of many popular web-novellas and short stories, Gonzales’ novel takes the reader through time and space, bridging the passage of time between the somewhat harmonious setting of New Eden as it exists for players now to a world of broken alliances on the brink of war.

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1 thought on “EVE Online: Empyrean Age release date

  1. bluelinebasher

    The addition of faction warfare looks promising. Maybe it’ll fill the Wing Commander void, or make the universe more defined like Privateer where you still happily make your money on the sidelines as the war plays out. Either way, another career choice awaits. Even if it is low-sec mission running in disguise, this could be fun.


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