The Mana Tombs – Death Revisited

Saturday night and into Azeroth again.

After spending the last two weekends focused on experience and equipment we were all up another level and much better equipped.

Well, maybe a little bit better equipped.

Okay, we found almost nothing that improved our equipment while question in Terokkar.

And, while we all levelled up, none of us appeared to get the “I win” button as part of our level 66 spells and skills, so we were going to have to face the Mana Tombs the old fashioned way. The group for the evening was:

66 Warlock – Bungholio
66 Mage – Ula
66 Priest – Skronk
66 Paladin – Vikund
66 Warrior – Earlthecat

Things started off very well. They certainly went better than last time, when we practically wiped on the first pull in the instance.

We blew through to the first boss, Pandemonius, and sent him packing without much drama. His big trick, fading to another dimension for a moment, which causes damage to be reflected back, was not fooling us.

Here we are sizing him up before the attack.

After that we advanced at a brisk pace to the next boss, Tavarok, losing a gnome now and again along the way. But that is the cost of doing business some nights. There were no wipes, however, something that continued through out battle with Tavarok. Last time it took us a few runs before we brought him down. This time we had his number and dispatched him on our first try.

Go team!

We continued to clear and ended up with one wipe on the way to the last boss. It was a group of four mobs and we lost control of the battle. Not a huge thing, our first wipe so far into the instance.

We revived, cleared that group on our second try (we got two down on the first run, so the outcome was not in question), turned the corner and entered the room of Nexus-Prince Shaffer, he of the witty dialog.

Clearing his room was no problem, and very quickly it was only the Prince and his three minions, the ethereal beacons, before us.

And then the wipes began.

A few runs at him and we were not even close on any of them. Once he was down to 25% of his health, but he constantly respawning ethereal pals were too much.

We looked up some strategies for the fight online, but couldn’t come up with anything viable. We lacked the firepower to implement the suggestion we found at several sites, which was to kill the three beacons quickly, before they shifted into human form. Once they have that form, they get a bunch more hit points and do a lot of damage.

With Earl on the prince and the rest of us on the beacons, we could only slay one before they changed over and then the pain began as they ran amok on the casters.

It was getting late and at least one of us had a full dinner and a Broadway show as a lead-in for the evening, so we gave up on the prince and went back to do the escort quest in the instance, thinking to get at least one quest done.

At the first encounter of the escort quest, four elite mobs spawned and hit us from each corner of the room, resulting in a wipe and a failed quest. And that was it for the night.

We did not leave completely empty handed. Experience is always its own reward, plus Pandemonius dropped the Faith Bearer’s Gauntlets for Vikund (everybody said, “Eeew, Pally gear!”) and Tavarok coughed up the Staff of Polarities, which Ula won in a roll-off between her and Bung.

But we still have not defeated the Mana Tombs yet. It is time for some research into how to handle that last fight.

2 thoughts on “The Mana Tombs – Death Revisited

  1. Tholal

    You have to kill the beacons. Thats the only way. Use AoE, long-cooldown special abilities, whatever it takes. But if you dont manage to get on top of the beacon-spawn, then youre doomed. The Prince does mostly magic attacks, so make sure that your tank is using spell reflect as much as possible (and maybe even a magic resistance potion). That should mitigate enough damage to let one of the healers help out with DPS.

    And that escort quest is the toughest part of the instance! I dont think I ever finished before until level 70.


  2. TheRemedy

    I have two suggestions and they are build related. You could either…

    A) Have the priest switch to shadow and your pali to holy.

    B) Have the warrior switch to fury


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