Guns vs. Missiles: The Training Pain

As I mentioned before, I am trying out both the Raven and the Rokh as possible battleships for running level 4 missions in EVE Online.

Being somewhat missile oriented, coming off of flying a Drake, the Raven seems like the right fit. However, the shields on the Rokh are a bit more impressive and, frankly, the Rokh itself just looks much more menacing. Not that looks alone would seal the deal, but the Diesel Locomotive meets Desert Eagle .44 look of the Rokh does bring out more emotion than the Raven, which looks more like a NASA project where some of the engineers used metric measures, while other used English measures.

And I have some investment in gunnery skills that would pay off if I went with the Rokh. But with either ship I am aiming for the tech II weapon systems.

Which is where the Rokh falls down for me… a bit at least.

There is something of an imbalance in the tech tree between missiles and guns. To be able to mount tech II guns on the Rokh, I have to fill in the missing skills below:

That, but the way, is a good 66 days of training time, spread over six different skills (I finished up Gunnery V since I took the screen shot) to get the all the prerequisites lined up for Large Railgun Specialization, the skill needed for tech II.

Cruise Missile Specialization, which is required for the tech II launcher, has a much lower barrier to entry:

Basically, I need to get my cruise missile skill to V and I am set. That will be a little more than 25 days, so not a gimme, but still a lot less steep than getting the railgun equivalent.

Not that I need to have tech II launchers or railguns to fly the ships, but I was interested to see how many more prerequisites railguns had, and I was surprised to see what a difference there is between the training requirements.

7 thoughts on “Guns vs. Missiles: The Training Pain

  1. Kirith Kodachi

    While the Large Railgun IIs do require a lot of extra training, most if not all of that training also corresponds to Tech II blasters (excepting Motion Prediction in place of Sharpshooter).

    In addition, all the support skills apply to Lasers and Projectiles. :)

    I just got Tech II large Railguns and I love them.


  2. syncaine

    I flew a Rohk when I did level 4 missions, its a beast of a ship. Plus everyone missions in a Raven, BE DIFFERENT!

    On the other hand, the t2 battleship for Caldari is a missile boat too, so missiles are prolly the smart choice. That said, looks > results, right?


  3. GicoS

    Most ppl tend to train Sniper Battleship where Gunnery skills are needed.
    Personally seems to me that Raven hits harder than Large Turrets.
    Look around for Eve Fitting Tool and check your desired configurations in order to check DPS.

    Actually I rat with a Dominix, i’ve found a 1000DPS fitting in EveMon.


  4. Mate

    Stick with the Raven, you’ll be able to choose appropriate damage types for the NPCs your fighting. Rokh will limit your damage to thermal and kinetic (not including drones).


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