Notes from Amarr Space

I have notes for what should probably be half a dozen posts on EVE Online at the moment, but I have been busy at work and in Sinnoh of late, so I am going to summarize a bit.

Mining My Own Business

Kernite, kernite everywhere! And, as long as I get up early enough and mine some before some Dutch corp rolls in and clear cuts the system, I am rolling in isogen. That is good, since I was always short on isogen back in Caldari space.

However, this came at a cost. Plagioclase, so very common in Caldari space, is not available in Amarr space, so now I am chronically short of pyrite, and when you are making something like, say, a battleship, you need a lot more pyrite than isogen.

Amarr Navy Faction

My standing with the Amarr Navy is now over 8, so I can make jump clones at their stations as well as Caldari Navy stations. I already have all the jump clones I need, but it is nice to have the option. It is nice that the Amarr and the Caldari appear to be allied, so that my running missions in Amarr space did not hurt my Caldari Navy faction at all. I wonder if that carries over to factional warfare?

The downside is, now that I have a bunch of loyalty points stored up with the Amarr Navy, I have figured out that they do not have much for me to buy. I have all the implants I need at the moment and the weapons, ammunition, and skill book options are all focused on laser turrets, which does not do me much good. I’m saving up my laser crystal drops from missions to trade them in for Amarr Navy versions. Perhaps I can make some ISK reselling those. What is everybody’s favorite laser crystal?

And what is the deal with the Amarr Navy Slicer blueprint I can get with my loyalty points? I do not see any for sale and the ship itself does not show up in the EVE Online Item Database. Is it hot stuff or the suck?

Raven About Missions

After a rough start, which is how it always goes, I think I am finally getting a handle on level 4 missions with the Raven.

Actually, it did not start off rough, as a friend and I ran a couple of level 4 missions that I could have done solo in my Drake. Then I picked up one called Vengence that I ran by myself. That got me used to paying attention to the active shield tank that the Raven requires.

It also got me to pay attention to the ammunition I use. The named battleship at the end of the mission, the guy you need to take out to finish, had a really strong armor tank, one that I could not break through on my first attempt. I had to call it a night and come back the next day, fight my way through the whole thing again, then finally go after him with the right missiles and drones, and I still emptied my launchers five times before I got any hull damage on him. That was something of a change from level 3 missions where a load of Widowmaker missiles pretty much solved all problems.

Since I seem to be getting the hang of the Raven, I will probably sell the Rokh. That will boost me past half a billion ISK in the bank, once I find a buyer.

I will also have to bring my Drake out to where I am currently running level 4 missions. There have been a few where frigates and cruisers have made up the majority of the targets. It is a shame to waste cruise missiles on them.

So far level 4 missions have been lucrative. The bounty total when fighting pirates is usually huge, two to eight times the actual mission reward. Drone missions generally drop some of that sweet, sweet plush compound that, when refined, yields up a chunk of zydrine. Salvage has been okay. It is not raining alloyed tritanium bars. I still have not collected the 100 I need to make the first cargo rig for my hauler. On the other hand, armor plates seem to drop often, and those I do not need, but other people seem to, so they make me a bit of ISK.

Empyrean Age

Once the Empyrean Age expansion goes live, with my standings, I can join either the Amarr or Caldari militia. However, if rewards are going to be similar to what happens with loyalty points, I may have to head back to Caldari space.

And then there is the question of what to fly. Since PvP is going mean dying a lot, frigates will have to do when it comes to my budget. And since I am strongest in missile skills, that means a Kestrel. Or many Kestrels. I should probably just buy a blueprint original and make some to keep on hand. I already have the blueprints for the missiles. I will have to work out a standard PvP fitting for it and keep supplies on hand. Worse that losing your ship, for me at least, is then trying to re-equip the new one.

Of course, this assumes that a frigate will be useful in factional warfare. It might end up just getting owned by people who can afford to risk Muninns and Cerberuses. That is the flip side of the whole “don’t fly what you cannot afford to lose” rule.

Waiting for the Patch

But now that Tranquility, the EVE Online server is down for the Empyrean age update, all we can do is speculate about what will be, play with EVE Mon and the EVE Fitting Tool, look at screen shots, chat a bit, and hope everything comes up as planned.

12 thoughts on “Notes from Amarr Space

  1. bluelinebasher

    If you haven’t gotten them already, you might want to use the Amarr Navy LPs on the connection skills they offer.


  2. Robert

    You mentioned you had a bunch of notes for posts… what better time to create some actual posts than when Eve is down for patching :)
    You wouldn’t need to put all the posts live today, you could write them up and release them over time.

    Anyways, I also hope frigates are useful in factional warfare. How much fun would that be to be able to fly around in something you can easily afford to use but still make a difference and have fun doing it :)


  3. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    @Bluelinebasher: I have those two already. I suppose I could buy them again for resale.

    @Robert: Heh, the reason they are all still notes is I have not had the time to sit down and write them, and it isn’t because I have been playing too much EVE.

    @Calthrop: I haven’t seen that one on the list from the LP Store, but I ought to grab it.

    Does anybody know of a web site that lists the loyalty point rewards for the different factions?


  4. DeltaTango

    The Amarr Navy Slicer BP might not appear in the market (as most faction stuff doesn’t), only in contracts. BTW: Some faction stuff you can put up the market, but you cannot search for it (except you happen to have one of the particular item already and right klick “view market details”)), so one might wonder why no-one seems to buy it.

    And the Item DB on the website seems not having been updated for the last three years :(

    Regarding the mining and shortage of Pyerite: what about mining Scordite? There’s quite some Pyerite in there. No Mexallon though …


  5. Eric

    That last guy in Vengeance is tough ! I usually bring my alt in a domi with shield reppers, but for this one, I use her drone skills to break through his tank. He’s also pretty fast, which is nasty for torps users.


  6. Note

    I’ll mainly be flying frigates in factional warfare (I’m very poor atm), so they’d better be useful! From the list of what you can field at each level, it looks like they’ll be able to fill any role up to level 2 and become tacklers after that.

    Level 1 – Tech I frigates and destroyers
    Level 2 – Tech I frigates, destroyers and cruisers, Tech II frigates
    Level 3 – Tech I frigates, destroyers, cruisers and battlecruisers, Tech II frigates, destroyers and cruisers
    Level 4 – All ships not requiring “Capital Ships” skill

    Hopefully everyone else will fight using alts or quickly bankrupt themselves, leading to a healthy number of frigates in all levels. I’m hedging my bets on a proliferation of destroyers in level 1 and interceptors in level 2 though ;)


  7. michael, St Erroneous

    Remember not to refine vanilla Kernite – the price has dropped a lot, but if you can ship it, or are in range of a decent buy order, it’s worth more sold as ore than as minerals.


  8. saylah

    The Faction Warfare sounds like fun. It “almost” tempts me back to Eve except for two things: 1) PVP like raiding, had to be funded. So even if I wanted to find time for PVP, I dont want to make time to support the habit. 2) Re-fitting ships can be a pain. Some auto fit when you have the items and a stored template would be nice. However, I can understand that sort of simplification is probably against the spirit of the game. I found myself buying/hording x3, including the PVP ship to simplify getting back in a ship after being blown up. The time needed to buy and fetch adds a bit of over.


  9. Swift Voyager

    The best list of items I’ve found is in Eve Mon. You should find anything you’re looking for there, and you mentioned that you already have Eve Mon.

    As to the LP store problem in Amarr space. I did the same thing you are doing. Having already achieved level 4 missions and nearly 10 standing with caldari, I went to Amarr space to improve my corporation’s standing with a certain Amarr corporation. I ended up using all my LP for faction laser crystals and selling them. I had the best results when I ferried all my crystals to Amarr system because the market was good there. I found that all types of crystals will sell. The cheaper types are the most popular types so they sell fast but make less ISK profit per unit. If you have patience, then make the expensive kinds that sell slower at higher profit margins.

    As to equipping ships for FW, I’ve managed to save up about 20k m3 of good level 4 mission loot and I plan to use that for my fittings. Note, from comment #7, predicted interceptors on level 2 FW missions but I would bet on tech one cruisers. The majority of smart FW players will stick to tech one ships because of the pathetic insurance payout on tech 2 ships. With a BPO and a good supply of loot modules, you should be able to field cruisers or lower with very little ISK.


  10. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    @Saylah: On refitting,I know that pain. I know why people will pay a lot over market price for something at times. You’ve lost your ship, you’re trying to refit, but something you want is reasonably priced five jumps in one direction, while something else is three jumps in another direction, and another item is in a low sec system and you just say to hell with it and pay 4x the going rate just to be done with it.

    This is why when I do go out there and try this, I’ll have supplies stockpiled so I can refit quickly. Funding all of this though… that will be the question in the end.


  11. Swift Voyager

    Yep, I never do anything in eve except mining without a fully fitted backup ship ready to go. That is especially true when running level 4 missions. There’s nothing worse than getting popped in a fully decked out Raven and then not being able to loot your own wreck because you don’t have a ship ready to go back in and kill all the bad guys.

    Funding shouldn’t be too big of a problem since you can fly cheap ships and you should be able to make a bit of ISK from the FW missions. If you end up back in Caldari space in FW, give me a shout in-game if you see me online. I just got Sins of a Solar Empire this week though, and I’m feeling a strong pull to conquer a galaxy other than New Eden right now.


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