First Weekend of Summer Vacation

This was the first weekend of summer vacation for my daughter. School is done until the middle of August.

My wife is happy to not have to get up early for the next couple of months, but she will now be on the hook for a social calendar to keep our daughter busy.

As a summer surprise, both for doing well in school and to keep her busy on the plane when we go on vacation, a new Nintendo DS game made its appearance. Pokemon Mystery Dungeon.

Those are the pre-order boxes. I have had them tucked away in a closet since mid-April. She chose the Explorers of Time version, leaving me the Explorers of Darkness set.

We have played a few hours so far. While I will no doubt write about it more later, right now I will say the game is like taking Pokemon and stirring in a big portion of Net Hack and a little bit of Diablo II. It is interesting so far, though I am disappointed by the very limited network play options.

And then for Father’s Day, my wife and daughter bought me two of the Speed Racer LEGO kits (8159 and 8161), which we spent the morning assembling.

You can see in the picture that I left the stickers off of the cars for the most part. I am always reluctant to put stickers on a part that I can envision using for other purposes later. I made an exception for Speed’s car though. Pops would have wanted it that way.

These kits would have been great for our LEGO Birthday Party earlier this year.

A pleasant weekend indeed.

1 thought on “First Weekend of Summer Vacation

  1. henrique correia

    thoose two particular speed racer sets make quite a combo i might consider it for x-mas since they’re still availble in my country thanks for posting this : )


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