Twenty Million Skill Points

While I was busy losing ships two at a time I also crossed over another EVE Online milestone, my main character, Wilhelm Arcturus, passed the twenty million skill point mark. I am at least reasonably good at things that do not require you to leave your current station.

Wilhelm’s skill points are divided, in descending order, into the following categories:

Spaceship Command: 4,044,462
Science:           2,439,746
Industry:          2,401,422
Trade:             2,112,340
Learning:          2,001,963
Engineering:       1,953,136
Missiles:          1,245,679
Electronics:         998,658
Gunnery:             967,147
Drones:              655,535
Mechanic:            512,524
Navigation:          383,214
Social:              333,785
Leadership:            8,000
Corp Management:       5,185

Compared to when I crossed the ten million skill point mark, just a little over seven months ago, some things have changed and some things have not.

Spaceship Command is still at the top of the list, while Leadership and Corporation Management remain in the bottom two slots.

Science, Industry, Trade, and Engineering seemed to be the main focus of my training, no doubt spurred by my interest in research, my attempts at invention, and my dive into production and sales.

Out of that twenty million skill points, Wilhelm has a total of 160 known skills (up 38 since last count), which are spread out as follows:

Skill Level Breakdown
Level 1: 17 skills
Level 2: 21 skills
Level 3: 36 skills
Level 4: 59 skills
Level 5: 26 skills

Again, most things worth knowing are worth knowing to at least level 4.

Wilhelm has more than doubled the number of level 5 skills he has, often because another skill had a level 5 prerequisite. I won’t list them all out, but Accounting and Broker Relations were probably the most lucrative, since together they cut the brokers fees and tax on my market transactions in half.

In the end however, I am not a single day closer to flying a titan. Somehow I avoided all of those skills, not to mention avoiding all the cash that would be required to get me there!

2 thoughts on “Twenty Million Skill Points

  1. Eric

    You might want to look into some leadership skills, it’s nice when you team up with your alt. Mining foreman is good as well !


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