A Sign of the Empyrean Age?

I have been seeing this a lot recently:

Connection to the server lost.

Not that I am suggesting we should hold CCP responsible for the reliability of the internet and the ability of my packets to move 8 times zones to the Tranquility server on a regular basis, but it sure can make the game tough to play when you and a friend get dumped half a dozen times in 90 minutes.

Is anybody else seeing an uptick in disconnects?

12 thoughts on “A Sign of the Empyrean Age?

  1. Ilya

    It actually doesn’t look like CCP’s fault, a few days ago when i was having problems the Sprint and Savvis internet backbones were having problems and were at only about 70% availability at http://www.internetpulse.net, so my guess is i was loosing packets during the trip across the pond.


  2. Manasi

    Well not be flamed as a CCP fanboi, but the Savvis servers in France were dropping packets like crazy for a day or two for sure. They seemed to have fixed whatever the problem was but, sure was bad timiing with that lil patch notification eh?


  3. Pete

    Yep happening to me too, am relieved to find out its not a fault my end. woo.

    Just found your blog, Im also an olden days gamer. Child of the 70s and 80s, now hooked..err playing MMOs.

    Great blog, earned a place in my Googlie :)


  4. Che Tibby

    i downloaded this game because of it’s linux-native, only to find that it’s impossible to logon to, and has downtime right-smack in the middle of the new zealand evening.

    8-9pm is when i would normally play online.

    all of which adds up to “crappy”.


  5. WTM

    errr actually it’s not in the smack of the NZ primetime DT is in fact at 11pm. I consider DT at that time a bonus, i.e. it makes me go to bed.


  6. Che Tibby

    @wtm, you sure? seems to be cutting out much early for me?

    damn wormhole must have thrown out my clocks.


  7. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    The game did go down early for some reason yesterday. Perhaps that was it?

    That is not uncommon so soon after an expansion. In fact, as expansions go, unplanned downtime has been rather light.


  8. Che Tibby

    could well be. was frustrating at best, enough to not make me into a paying customer at worst.

    will hang in there for the rest of the trial period.


  9. REEPO

    I thought this was my end but it appears not (remind me to apologise to my family members for blaming their hogging of the bandwidth).

    This started to get really bad last Sunday morning. I wrote Sunday off completely from an Eve perspective. I log in today to find that CCP have closed their connection to Limelight completely, and to click the link on the opening splash screen for more intel. Problem! Nothing happening when i click the link, and worst of all IE hangs. Could someone tell me where that link goes and what extra info is there (if any) ?


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