Daily Archives: July 1, 2008

EVE Online Blog Pack Thingie

CrazyKinux read an article some time back about “blog packs” and decided to see if he could form one up around bloggers who, at least occasionally, write about EVE Online.

I agreed to join, thinking this would be a somewhat subtle thing, an exchange of links, a mention here and there, and perhaps a gradual development into a more cohesive community.

But the first official act of the EVE Online Blog Pack was CrazyKinux posting a message announcing “Hey, we’ve got ourselves an EVE Online Blog Pack!” And so subtlety was clubbed like a baby harp seal on a frosty spring morning in Canada.

Anyway, while I am away on vacation, I thought I would mention the blogs currently part of the pack. CrazyKinux is the keeper of the official list, such that it is, so if you want in on the ground floor of the amazing opportunity towards world domination, drop him an email.

Meanwhile, please visit these fine EVE Online sites:

Most of the people posting on these blogs are far deeper into the game than I and cover topics (0.0 space, piracy, playing the game competently) that I am not yet capable of covering myself.