Daily Archives: July 3, 2008

EverQuest Platinum Edition Ad

Just a random neuron firing, but I have to wonder how much longer SOE will continue to advertise the EverQuest Platinum Edition on the EverQuest Players site.

EverQuest Platinum, their first roll up of EverQuest expansion packs available in a single box, hit store shelves nearly four years ago. It was superceded by EverQuest Titanium in 2006 and then by the EverQuest Anniversary Edition in 2007. And, finally, these sorts of roll up packages were made obsolete by the EverQuest Secrets of Faydwer expansion, which includes all of the previous expansions.

But there on the EverQuest Players site, on the left side bar, is a rotating ad that includes EverQuest Platinum for $19.99.

Shown with a dated news entry, just to prove that this is recent or that I am decent with PhotoShop:

You cannot actually buy it at the Station Store. They have plenty of EverQuest branded Zippo lighters (Why? Are EQ players a heavy smoking demographic?), the EverQuest edition ZBoard (which, given the odd-ball, by today’s standards, key mapping in the game, might be a useful item), and the nerd-riffic Bag of the Tinkerers, but no EverQuest Platinum.

I bet it will remain up there until at least the next EverQuest expansion comes out.

And, when you think about it, EverQuest Platinum might not be the one package they want flashing on the EQ Players site. Somebody might think it is an RMT offer! How much EQ Platinum do I get for $19.99?