Walking the Blade’s Edge Mountains

Two weeks away and the Saturday night instance group was already well into another zone, the Blade’s Edge Mountains.

Unfortunately for us Earl had other plans for the night of my return to the group, so we went off questing. The group was:

67 Paladin – Vikund
68 Warlock – Bungholio
68 Mage – Ula
69 Priest – Skronk

Since I was behind, it meant a ride out to to Sylvanaar to grab the alliance flight point in the zone and to start picking up quests. And picking up quests meant first dumping a bunch of uncompleted quests from another zone. I had already cleared out all of Zangarmarsh, so the remains of Terokkar went.

Of course, the first thing I saw in Shattrath was some pally with my hat, only in a different color.

Earl and Vikund

Earl and Vikund

I wonder where that one comes from?

Anyway, we got out there, I collected the quests I could find, and then we started off, at which point I had to deal with my next big issue.

After our last outing with Exarch Maladaar, I began thinking that if only we had a little more damage we could have taken him down.  So I took Vikund back to the paladin trainer and re-spec’d him as a retribution Paladin.  It was something of a whim and, of course, I didn’t do anything like reading up on the subject.  So I probably picked the wrong things into which to sink my points, but there it is.

Retro noob paladin.

And, in the spirit of that moment, Skronk went out and re-spec’d as a shadow priest.

Healing is overrated.  When you kill stuff dead, you don’t need healing, right?

We will be putting that theory to the test some time soon.

But my issue with Vikund was figuring out how to play now that the skills I learned to work with over the last 55 levels were gone, replaced by new skills.

Skronk had the last few weeks to figure out the shadow priest thing, but I was starting from scratch.

By the end of the evening, I had worked out a pattern to get the most damage going for me.  Put up sanctity aura, cast then judge seal of the crusader, cast seal of vengeance, and then whack stuff with crusader’s strike whenever possible.

Unfortunately I still don’t have a damage parser for WoW (the last one somebody recommended is now unsupported, so who can recommend one?) so I cannot tell how effective I really was, plus we were fighting normal mobs, so they were dying too fast to get a feel for how much damage I was putting out.

But Vikund does seem to take a lot more damage and use a lot more mana.  That is a bit different.

The evening itself was enjoyable.  I held forth on my cruise adventures after accidently putting myself on mute, so the team was spared from my vacation tales for the most part.

The quests were, for the most part, the usual variety of kill a bunch of these, find a bunch of those, collect a bunch of drops, and so on.  Still, while Blizzard follows a pattern, they do manage to throw a curve ball once in a while.

And such were the quests with Tally Zapnabber and his Zephyrium Capacitoriun, a device that flings the users to various locations in the Blade’s Edge Mountains.  And so we got launched all over.  Here is Vik coming down in some disturbingly sharp terrain.

So many sharp points

So many sharp points

Watch out for those spikes!

Ula incoming!

Ula incoming!

And some of the discovery messages were probably not what you’d want to see while hurtling through the air.

Look at the size of them...

Death’s Door? Sounds like a nice place.

All fun and nobody died on impact.

We made some progress on levels.  I got to get warmed up again after a couple of weeks away from Azeroth and got a little more familiar with the retribution spec. (Advice welcome!) And Vikund is within striking distance of 68 now.

So next week, if we can all get on together, it might be time for a trip back the Auchenai Crypts to finish up our quest and settle our score with Exarch Maladaar.

5 thoughts on “Walking the Blade’s Edge Mountains

  1. Rohan

    Don’t use Seal of Vengeance. Use Seal of Command with a nice slow 2H weapon. Also, you want to gear more like a DPS warrior, with a heavy emphasis on Strength, AP, and melee crit. Spell damage is not really useful for a Ret paladin.


  2. *vlad*

    I’m using a light-weight add-on called YACL to keep a basic track of party/raid dps.
    It is not exactly wws stats, but is a useful indicator of whether or not you are pulling your weight on the damage front.


  3. Crom

    Ditto what Rohan said up top. Get the highest max damage weapon you can with decent DPS, which will be a big slow 2 hander of some sort. Armor up like a Fury warrior, focusing on: Str > AP > Crit. Completely ignore Int, SD, Mana and MP5.

    For grouped non-boss fights, you can take Judgements out of your rotation completely. Feel free to Judge and re-Seal Command right before the time on it runs out, but aside from that your rotation should be Crusader Strike > Crusader Strike > Crusader Strike.

    On boss fights it would be Seal of the Crusader > Judgement > Seal of Command > Crusader Strike > Crusader Strike > Judgement > Seal of Command.

    Check my armory (linked above) if you want specific Talent / Gear examples.


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