Daily Archives: July 18, 2008

1.5 Million Experience Points To Go

I found some time to get log onto WoW Wednesday night and ground myself through the last bits of my level, getting Vikund to level 68. Appropriately enough, Vikund leveled slaying that staple of MMO beasts, the boar.

A purple boar with green spikes on his back. They do come in all sizes and colors!

That leaves, by my estimate, about 1.5 million experience points to go until Vikund hits level 70.

Which seems like a lot, I suppose.

After all, the most I have ever gotten for a quest reward is 12,000 experience, which puts me 125 quests away. But there is all that experience you get along the way, slaying those who oppose you, your faction, or you particular quest giver. Call it 70 quests plus collateral damage.

70 quests to level 70!

And then I will have accomplished something new. I have never managed to get a character to level cap in an MMO. The last character I had at a level cap was back in the days of Toril MUD.

So while the instance group may not make it through all of the five person instances before Wrath of the Lich King comes out, we should all make it to level 70 by that time.