Daily Archives: July 19, 2008

KOTOR(O) Contrarian

Well, it has been announced. Or confirmed. Or made clear.

BioWare is in fact making an MMO based on Knights of the Old Republic.

If they stick with that name and just append “Online,” I suppose KOTORO will be the new acronym on everybody’s lips. Very Japanese sounding when said aloud, at least to my ear.

And with all that, I have to admit I am disappointed.

Not so much so by the fact of the game itself, but by the build up.

When it was announced that BioWare was working on an MMO, everybody said, “KOTOR.”

When it LucasArts involvement was mentioned, everybody said, “KOTOR.”

At every turn, any mention of anything related to what massive title BioWare could be working on, “KOTOR” was the answer.

People declared it obvious, the worst kept secret in the industry, a sure thing.

So I was dearly hoping it would end up being something else. The contrarian in me just rebels against such smug universal conviction.

But, in the end, the answer was indeed, “KOTOR.”

Ah, well… it should be good in any case, once it gets here.