KOTOR(O) Contrarian

Well, it has been announced. Or confirmed. Or made clear.

BioWare is in fact making an MMO based on Knights of the Old Republic.

If they stick with that name and just append “Online,” I suppose KOTORO will be the new acronym on everybody’s lips. Very Japanese sounding when said aloud, at least to my ear.

And with all that, I have to admit I am disappointed.

Not so much so by the fact of the game itself, but by the build up.

When it was announced that BioWare was working on an MMO, everybody said, “KOTOR.”

When it LucasArts involvement was mentioned, everybody said, “KOTOR.”

At every turn, any mention of anything related to what massive title BioWare could be working on, “KOTOR” was the answer.

People declared it obvious, the worst kept secret in the industry, a sure thing.

So I was dearly hoping it would end up being something else. The contrarian in me just rebels against such smug universal conviction.

But, in the end, the answer was indeed, “KOTOR.”

Ah, well… it should be good in any case, once it gets here.

4 thoughts on “KOTOR(O) Contrarian

  1. Morane

    What’s your take on what this means for SWG? I have a couple of characters on SWG, but haven’t played since February.

    It seems to me that a large number of people play SWG purely to be jedi (IIRC over 50% are jedi). If KOTORO offers a better jedi experience then the possibility of a mass exodus to KOTORO seems a distinct possibility.


  2. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    I would guess that KOTORO will have the same effect on SWG that EQ2 did on EQ. Some, maybe a lot, of people will go try out KOTORO. But I imagine that it will have a different feel, so people who are happy with SWG and are part of the community will likely stick with SWG.

    Still, I would advise SOE to figure out how to do server merges with SWG before KOTORO hits the shelves.


  3. Dennis

    SWG is a game that is infected with cancer. The NGE was an infection that paralyzed the game… the community was not growing, and has not grown. It is not 1/10th the game it once was, and it will NEVER be anything close. If BioWare’s new Star Wars MMO is even decent, it will cripple what little life is left in SWG. At which point, SOE will HAVE to do server merges just to be able to maintain some level of profit off of it. I was in a guild for 3 years in SWG, and every single active member eventually left when the NGE happened.

    Personally, I doubt that it will be “Knights” of the Old Republic. Rather, I think it will be something along the lines of Star Wars: The Old Republic, or something else similar. Simply because it is DISASTROUS to make everyone a jedi in an MMO. It’s unrealistic, it displeases all true star wars fans in the game, and it really unbalances it. perhaps it will be similar to KOTOR 1 when you start as a scoundrel, soldier, or scout.

    The only way i can see “Knights” of the old republic working in an MMO is if it is actually placed in the timeline BEFORE the events of KOTOR, when there was still a relatively large population of jedi. Otherwise it’s going to be horribly un-canon.


  4. Dennis

    And as a side note, I really really really wish they would have made KOTOR3 before delving into the world of MMO… an MMO is so much continuing work and stress that it can only delay a finish to the series. It’s a series that desperately needs to be finished, too much plot left to be resolved. I sincerely hope they don’t intend to resolve it within this MMO.


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