Marauder Economics

Starting out with level 4 missions was a bit of a trial. A new ship, a Raven, to get used to with its active shield tanking requirement as opposed to the passive shield tank of the Drake. When faced with such troubles in the past, I tended to buy my way out of them.

When faced with a couple of tough level 1 missions, I upgraded to a destroyer.

When the Moa wasn’t working out for me and I lost two Caracals on level 2 missions, I went to the Drake, a battlecruiser.

When level 3 missions got tough… well, actually, the Drake was so good that it powered through all of the level 3 missions, so I never considered a replacement.

But the pattern of upgrading to solve problems was set.

So, when level 4 missions were a challenge, I started looking at the market.

CCP had introduced a new ship class not to far back, the marauder. This class was described as the mission runner’s dream. More capacitor, more CPU, more offense, more defense, and they even doubled the range of tractor beams when fitted to them.

Hot stuff indeed. And so new that they do not even have an entry for it in their EVE database.

So I looked into pricing for the Caldari flavor of Marauder, the Golem… and my jaw dropped.

Golem prices were in the 750-800 million ISK range, which is way out of my price range.

Fine, I thought, maybe I can build a Golem. So I started looking for blueprints in the contracts interface. And, sure enough, there were some, and the first item on the bill of materials gave me some hope.

The first thing you need is a Raven.

Well, I have one of those! That covers about 80 million in ISK cost right up front!

Of course, the single run blueprint itself was 60 million ISK, but at least I was 20 million ahead.

Golem BPC Materials
1 Raven – 84,752,935.98 ISK (calculated here)
45 Contruction blocks – 247,500.00 ISK
1052 Gravemetric Sensor Clusters – 24,196,000.00 ISK
3002 Graviton Reactor Unit – 300,200.00 ISK
1577 Magpulse Thrusters – 63,080,000.00 ISK
975 units Morphite – 9,750,000.00 ISK
1 R.A.M. Starship Tech – 40,000.00 ISK
3215 Scalar Capacitor Units – 45,010,000.00 ISK
3795 Sustained Shield Emitters – 151,800,000.00 ISK
7185 Titanium Diborite Armor Plates – 68,257,500.00 ISK
1415 Quantum Microprocessors – 31,130,000.00 ISK

Materials 478,564,135.98 ISK
BPC 60,000,000.00 ISK
MFG 1,910.48 ISK

Total to build 538,566,046.46 ISK

A lot of ISK, but less than the cost to buy the ship outright. I have actually had that much ISK at one time.

Plus, with the Raven already paid for, that brought the cost down to 453,813,110.86 ISK.

Let’s get started!

But wait.

You cannot just build a Marauder with your everyday manufacturing skills. Sure, you can build a battleship, but a Marauder is something more… as in you need to spend some more ISK and some more time.

You need to have the skill Battleship Construction up to level IV. And to get that you have to have Cruiser Construction up to level IV, which in turn requires Frigate Construction at level IV.

And, for the the Golem, you need Caldari Starship Engineering at level IV.

And, while you are at it, Mechanical Engineering must be at level IV as well.

Caldari Starship Engineering – 10,000,000 ISK
Battleship Construction – 22,500,000 ISK
Cruiser Construction – 900,000 ISK
Frigate Construction – 72,000 ISK
Mechanical Engineering – 10,000,000 ISK

MFG Skills Total – 43,472,000 ISK

Bringing the grand total up to: 582,038,046.46

Plus I need to spend 23 days, 4 hours, 39 minutes, and 8 seconds training the skills. And the time is only that small because I already own, and have some training in, Mechanical Engineering.

Still, we’re on track. Just get the materials lined up while I train, build the thing, and off we go!

Oh, wait, I need some skills to fly the thing.

I need Caladri Battleship to level V, Energy Grid Upgrades to level V, Weapon Upgrades to level V, Advanced Weapon Upgrades to level V, and finally, the skill Marauders to at least level I.

But I own most of those skills already! I just need Advanced Weapon Upgrades, a mere 450,000 ISK, and Marauders for… eep… 57,600,000 ISK.

Man, they seem to have decided to make up for how easy it was to get into a Heavy Interdictor… a ship to kill other people… by making Marauders… a mission running ship… a serious effort.

So, adding on the skills to fly the Golem, the total goes to: 640,088,046.46.

I have had that much ISK at one time, but not for long.

Still, I could get there again, plus the Raven is already paid for, as I keep pointing out.

And to train those flying skills: 90 days, 6 hours, 39 minutes, 42 seconds.

So if I start today and do not get side tracked, I can be flying my Golem on November 12th, 2008!

You level 4 mission NPCs! You’d best make plans! Because I’ll be coming for you in my shiny new Marauder any month now!

That is certainly more likely that my Titan dreams!

17 thoughts on “Marauder Economics

  1. Kirith Kodachi

    I have the skills to build a Marauder (indeed, I’m building two Widows this week) so if you want to save on some training I’ll be glad to do the build for you at no cost (i.e. you buy the parts).

    Obviously trust is an issue so I can provide collateral if you wish. Evemail me (Kirith Kodachi) if interested.


  2. syncaine

    Battleship V is a pre-req for a titan, so really you are almost there…

    Crazy how much ISK/Time is needed for the Marauder though. Very interesting post.


  3. Robert

    Awesome post!

    I have almost the same story as you. I always bought a bigger ship when missions were too hard.
    I too just recently started running Level 4’s.
    I never knew that mission running is what the Marauder’s are really meant for. So I just finished outfitting a pretty awesome (and VERY expensive) Caldari Navy Raven.
    I haven’t had a chance yet to test in combat however.

    It looks like it’ll take me about 120 days of training just to be able to fly a Golem, so I’ll casually work towards that goal while doing Level 4’s in my Navy Raven.


  4. DeltaTango

    Skills and Money are always a funny thing in EVE :)
    But I think it is better to max the missile and shield skills and still get used to the hit-and-run tactics of temporarily fleeing the battlefield when shield is up (or even earlier, when you see that is doesn’t add up). And don’t forget the drones for the smaller enemies.

    And rule number one: never fly a ship into battle that you cannot afford to replace quickly (including fitting)! That would make a no-go for the marauder.


  5. mbp

    I’m curious as to why you don’t go the Navy Raven route instead? I am a loyal supporter of the Republic but even my Minnie friends seem to agree that CNR is the best low skill point mission runner.


  6. ombeve

    Heh, good post. I have often sat down in front of a spreadsheet with a target in mind, only to release I am many skills short of what I require… or that building it all my self just to save 50m isn’t really worth the hassle.

    Good luck with it, flying a ship you built yourself will be sweet.


  7. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    @mbp – I had to come up with “how much will it really cost?” before I started on “is it worth it?” The ground work for that post has been done and I should have that answer by the end of the week.

    @Ryan – I am in, and run, a 1 year old little corp called the Twilight Cadre that is a few friends mostly trying to figure out which direction is “up” in space. I am the most active member and tend towards the economic sphere and mission running, but most of what I learn and can pass on becomes posts here. The corp has suddenly become very active in the last two weeks and we might be looking to join a bigger corp to see what the universe might offer. (Gaff wants to mine in 0.0 space. Potshot is also up and active again in the corp.)


  8. syncaine

    Wait you can’t be in a big Corp. They will tell you about stuff before you do it wrong and waste ISK. What will you blog about when that happens… no no no, that won’t work at all!


  9. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    Oh, I’m sure that will just open up a whole new avenue of mistakes, starting with, no doubt, picking the wrong corp followed closely by shooting the guys with the blue icons.


  10. Rieger

    First Wilhelm, great blog, I have been lurking for months. Don’t forget that items on your shopping list like Gravemetric Sensor Clusters and Graviton Reactor Units also have BPs. So look into manufacturing those as well and you might be able to save some isk. Good luck on the Golem.



  11. Furious

    I would love a Golem (or a CNR for that matter) but have a hard time justfying the ISK given I don’t play nearly enough. But oh they look so sweet…nice post doing all the hard math on the buy vs build argument.

    I’ve run level 4’s for some time now and a plain vanilla Raven with a solid T2 fit, CCC rigs, and one faction item (Dread Gurista XL Booster), works wonders for me. It’s not cap stable, and no doubt it kills things slower that a CNR and can’t salvage/loot like a Golem, but it gets me through most any mission (minus Extravaganza – just decline that every time). So I’m debating if stepping up to a 500-700M+ ship is really worth the cost…


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  13. Mynxee

    Great post…Personally, I’d say screw building it….in the time you’d spend training the skills needed to build the Golem, you could just mission and earn the difference between the cost to buy it outright and build it. It’s not that much, considering the time frame. AND then you could get right to the skills needed to fly the thing. I have Marauder Envy too, btw, and wow….EveMon says I could fly one in 60 days. Hmmmmm……excuse while I go kill some people to add to my Vargur fund.


  14. Winterblink

    The ship will pay itself off in no time really, it’s a PVE monster. The thing to consider when building is that for the most part, most ship builders already have their manufacturing skills high enough that it’s more efficient for them to build, and there’s less cost involved in terms of getting all of the skills necessary– they’ve already got most of them.

    Have a Kronos myself. It’s a beast. :)


  15. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    It is just the whole ability to afford one that is really holding me back. I lost a Raven the other week and was able to replace it in a blink… erm… a flash. But a Golem. I need more cash reserves for that.


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