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Can Your Epic Raid Boss Beat This?

Pikachu gets a protein named after it.

The best I’ve seen from the MMO world is some WoW characters driving a Toyota.

Even I drive a Toyota.

Obviously MMOs need to do more work with the scientific community.

Moves, Mining, and Missions

The EVE corporation I founded almost a year back, Twilight Cadre, as an experiment in corporation (mis)management has seen a burst of activity of late.

For most of its existence, the Twilight Cadre has been lead by me mostly by virtue of the fact that I was the only member with an active account.

After nearly a year, I still don’t know squat about how things work in the corp management window. Eventually I just made everybody a director and called it a day. (And no, you can’t join our corp until I fix that. I don’t know much, but I do know that the director flag is a license to steal.)

Not too long ago, a co-worker of mine, tired of the trials of 0.0 space, joined up to spend some time running missions and mining. His arrival brought about the move to Amarr space. He already had faction there and I was interested in harvesting some kernite.

When factional warfare came out, we packed up our belongings and moved the corp back to Caldari space for reasons that now escape me. It seemed like a good idea at the time, but as usual, I cannot recall why.

Then a few weeks back, Gaff came back into EVE Online. He played a little bit before, so had a character already in the corp, but had not gone very far with the game, but was lured back by my writings on the subject. (Since I tend to write about my incompetence, it was surely a matter of, “I can do better than that!”)

Gaff got on, immediately got a second account going, as he tends to feel insecure with only a single MMO client on his machine, and started down the mining path using Halada’s excellent Complete Miner’s Guide.

The desire for more wealth in the form of Kernite saw him move to Amarr space. It even got a blog post out of him! And, since the lag in Lonetrek was making the game unplayable, I packed up my worldly goods again and moved back to Amarr space as well, plunking the corp headquarters down in Safizon, where the rent was cheap.

Moving is a pain in EVE. I need a freighter before I move again.

And, during the move back to Amarr space I came under fire a couple of times from pilots in opposing militias. There is a system along the way that only has CONCORD patrolling it, and they don’t care about militias, so suddenly I was fair game for people other than the pirates. That had to stop.

So I took the corp out of the Caldari militia. We were not doing much with factional warfare in any case, aside from making a few sales. If not a warrior, I am at least a war profiteer!

Once back in Amarr space, Gaff grew dissatisfied with mere kernite and decided to go after some low sec treasures. He managed to bring out some goodies in his hauler before somebody in an Ishtar came along and made junk out of his Osprey. Still, he probably netted out positive on the deal, like when lag killed his Caracal the other night. You can get his view here.

And then, just this week, Potshot (alias Skronk of the instance group) showed up in space, two boxing and trying to figure out how to make things happen in EVE. (His post here.) I told him it is easy to get back into the groove in EVE, once you get used to it, like assembling a zamboni blindfolded.  Without tools.  In the middle of the ice.  While a hockey game is in progress.  And it is the Sharks playing, only they are real sharks with lasers on their head.

Meanwhile, feeling the lure of alphabetically superior ore and million ISK rats, Gaff has been on the lookout for a corp that can get us 0.0 access. He has left the Twilight Cadre (something that took 26 hours because he had a “role” in the corp… I tried to evict him from the corp and found my dictatorial powers were more limited than I had thought…) and has already joined a new corp.

Being lazy, unwilling to move without a freighter, and generally happy with my little corner of space, I’m letting Gaff scout out the options before I do anything rash, like pressing a button. But that is the way things have worked with use over the last 14 years of gaming. He runs off, finds the good guild and then drags me along after the fact. I think I am still in some of those guilds….

In the mean time, when we all haven’t been moving or mining, it has been the usual mission running in order to gain standing with local NPC corporations. My work over the last year has paid off, as I have a standing of 8 with both Amarr Navy and Caldari Navy, but even I want more options when it comes to where I can refine ore or get level 4 missions.

Anyway, this all means that there will probably be no shortage of EVE related posts for some time to come, maybe even from all three of us.