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SOE Minicast #2

Alan “Brenlo” Crosby and Aimee “Ashlanne” Rekoske hosts this mini episode of the Official SOE Podcast.


  • Fan Faire Count Down
  • Block Party Count Down
  • Happy 100th episode to Yivvits and MrBubble
  • Matt & Liz’s Ceremony (aka Jethal & Elquin for EQ2 people)
  • Hamstergate 2008 – Part 3: The Investigation Continues

The show is available on iTunes as well as from the official SOE podcast site.

The show was recorded on July 16th and runs for just fifteen minutes.

Detour to Darklight

Saturday night and there we stood in Azeroth. See, it isn’t all EVE Online here at the Sound Mind BBS… erm, the Ancient Gaming Noob. Sorry, had a flashback to the early 90s there.

We were in the Outlands again. We were also down 40% of the team.

Earl was hosting some sort of Guitar Hero/Rock Band super play session at his new house (give a guy more that 250 square feet in which to live and suddenly he has stuff to do on a Saturday night) while Bung was off at an undisclosed location. (Or I missed what Skronk said, or I forgot.)

We could have just gone out and for a few group quests, ground some experience, and called it a night, but it was pointed out that we were the three people in the instance group who had played EverQuest II. And since the Living Legacy promotion was still active, our accounts were all live. And it was also a double experience weekend in post-cataclysm Norrath.

So we camped in Azeroth and woke up in Norrath.

Skronk and Ula had already been playing a bit in Norrath as part of the Living Legacy program, as noted, and had a couple of characters ready to go. I, as mentioned elsewhere, have a full set of alts and no room to roll anything new. So our group ended up being:

15 Iksar Coercer – Dentiliak (Skronk)
15 Arasai Necromancer – Xola (Ula)
62 Fae Swashbuckler – Blintz (Vikund)

A bit unbalanced, but cheers for mentoring in EverQuest II. Blintz could become a level 15 swashbuckler at need, once grouped and in the same zone.

Getting to that zone though.

Blintz was over in the Loping Plains while the other two were already questing in Darklight Wood. A bit of a trip for Blintz, but at least I knew the way, having been there once before. And Darklight would mean quests that he had not done before, so he could at least earn some experience towards AA points. Too bad it wasn’t a double AA point experience weekend.

Anyway, travel. In to Kelethin then to Butcherblock, take the boat to Nektulos Forest, and then into Darklight.

I was amused to see that, after nearly four years, I get the same video error at the same spot in Nek Forest.

I was told at one point that it was my video card causing the problem. I have seen this now with five video cards, three nVidia and two ATi. I am starting to think my video card is not the issue. Ah well.

My trip was aided by fae glide and the fact that you can jump off the birds when you want. A nice feature if you’re a fae. Maybe less so if you’re a dwarf.

Once there, and mentored down, Blintz immediately ran afoul of the locals. Gone are the days when guards used to just throw you out of town. Now they kill you dead.

Not even my cheerful Frostfell outfit seemed to appease them.

Yes, it has been a while since I had Blintz out and about.

Unmentoring worked though, when I could manage it. Most of the guards were low enough level that I could just walk past them in my level 62 form, which was good, as a couple of the quest giver locations had guards at the door.

There was one guard who was not an attackable NPC like the others who did kill me twice. He ended up being an NPC I had to turn in a quest with. I found that there was a very small zone around him where I was could get close enough to hail him and interact, but where I was far enough away to keep him from one shotting my fae butt yet again.

As for what we did, there isn’t much to tell. Quests in the usual vein of MMO quests. We got to take advantage of the fact that when you mentor down, you get to keep all of your current level skills, so I was the level 15 running around with both evac and smuggle. Always invite a Swashbuckler to your party.

Xola and Dentiliak both got levels. Blintz got some AA experience and some experience debt from getting jack by guards. And we all had fun, capping off the evening with a little lightning.

There are these little black clouds that wander the zone. If you get too close to them, they zap you with a bolt of lightning out of the sky.

If you are a fae, or an arasai, and you fly past them, that bolt of lightning zaps you out of the sky. Doing that about a dozen times was worth the trip to Darklight Wood.

Next week, back to Azeroth. In the mean time, we return you to your regularly scheduled propaganda from New Eden.