Daily Archives: July 26, 2008

If the EVE Factions Drove Cars From My Youth

What would they drive?

Something silly that came up in corp chat the other night.

My youth is defined for purposes of this post to be the 60s and 70s, when I was physically young. Mentally some might argue I have not yet left that period of my life.


A 73 Chevy Monte Carlo in beige with the 454 engine.

Open up the picture on Wikipedia and tell me that wasn’t designed by some Amarr ex-pat working in Detroit.


A Studebaker Avanti. Asymmetry FTW!

Only you would have to hang about half of the crap from the J.C. Whitney catalog off of it to get the true effect. CB Antennas with glowing tips FTW!


67 Camaro RS, all in grey primer, missing the front grill, with a coat hanger in place of the radio antenna and another holding up the muffler.

I know this car. I have seen it in 100 variations. The engine does not matter, as it would be heavily modified in any case.


A Citroën DS in green.

Tell me that isn’t a Thorax on wheels. There could be no other answer.

Other Choices?

What other possibilities could there be? And what about other factions? What would ORE drive? How about Sansha’s Nation?