Upgrading: Golem or Raven Navy Issue?

Geared towards versatility and prolonged deployment in hostile environments, Marauders represent the cutting edge in today’s warship technology. While especially effective at support suppression and wreckage salvaging, they possess comparatively weak sensor strength and may find themselves at increased risk of sensor jamming. Nevertheless, these thick-skinned, hard-hitting monsters are the perfect ships to take on long trips behind enemy lines.

-Lai Dai Corp Sales Brochure

After figuring out what stood between me and flying the Caldari Marauder class ship, the Golem, in EVE Online, I thought I might look into whether it was worth the effort. If it had been just a matter of ISK, I might have just pressed forward.

But all that training and exotic materials… well, this thing had better slice, dice, and make julianne fries out of Gurista capital ships before I start stockpiling Graviton Reactor Units.

And before I get away from the components that you need to build a Golem, like Rieger suggested in a comment on my last post on Marauders, you can build those pieces yourself. But they require additional exotic components to create, which you either have to buy on the market or get into Moon mining to obtain. I am not sure I need another EVE money sink at this time!

So I went and grabbed the base stats for comparable ships build on the Raven platform. The information below is from EVE Mon and the EVE Fitting Tool. Both are excellent utilities. Don’t leave your hanger without them.


First, there is the lowly Raven. Heh, lowly, as in “the biggest, baddest ship I have ever managed to build and fly.” It serves as the baseline measurement for this comparison.

  • Unfitted Price: 80-90 million ISK, widely available
  • CPU 700 tf
  • Capacitor 5,312 / 1,154 sec recharge
  • Sensor Strength 22
  • High slots 8
  • Medium slots 6
  • Low slots 5
  • Rig slots 3
  • Launcher hardpoints 6
  • Turret hardpoints 4
  • Capacity 665 cu/m
  • Shields 7,500 / 2,500 sec recharge (0 EM 50 Exp 40 Kin 20 Thm)
  • Armor 6,641 (50 EM 10 Exp 25 Kin 45 Thm)
  • Hull 6,641
  • Effective HP 26,824
  • Special: +5% cruise and siege launcher rate of fire and +10% cruise and torpedo velocity per level of Caldari Battleship learned.

Raven Navy Issue (aka CNR)

The upgraded version of the standard Raven. A reasonably common sight in systems with level 4 agents.

  • Unfitted Price: 600,000 Caldari loyalty points plus a Raven and a Caldari AZ-1 Nexus chip, 500,000 loyalty points plus 200 million ISK for a single run blueprint, or 400-500 million ISK via contract. Widely available.
  • CPU 720 tf
  • Capacitor 5,312 / 1,154 sec recharge
  • Sensor Strength 22
  • High slots 8
  • Medium slots 6
  • Low slots 5
  • Rig slots 3
  • Launcher hardpoints 7
  • Turret hardpoints 4
  • Capacity 665 cu/m
  • Shields 11,250 / 2,500 sec recharge (0 EM 50 Exp 40 Kin 20 Thm)
  • Armor 9,961 (50 EM 10 Exp 25 Kin 45 Thm)
  • Hull 9,961
  • Effective HP 40,235
  • Special: +5% cruise and siege launcher rate of fire and +10% cruise and torpedo velocity per level of Caldari Battleship learned.

Raven State Issue

Previously called the Corvus, this is the ultimate extension of the Raven series. Too bad you can’t have one. Still, a pod pilot can dream, can’t he? Put on the list just as a yardstick of awesomeness.

  • Unfitted Price: Infinite. Availability is zero. They were prizes from the Third Alliance Tournament and only four exist.
  • CPU 770 tf
  • Capacitor 5,250 / 924 sec recharge
  • High slots 8
  • Medium slots 6
  • Low slots 6
  • Rig slots 3
  • Launcher hardpoints 8
  • Turret hardpoints 2
  • Capacity 665 cu/m
  • Shields 13,550 / 3,000 sec recharge (0 EM 50 Exp 40 Kin 20 Thm)
  • Armor 11,953 (50 EM 10 Exp 25 Kin 45 Thm)
  • Hull 11,953
  • Effective HP 48,282
  • Special: +5% cruise and siege launcher rate of fire and +10% cruise and torpedo velocity per level of Caldari Battleship learned.


The Raven derivative that represents the Marauder class entry for the Caldari faction. Touted as a mission runner deluxe, is it worth the price?

  • Unfitted Price: 650 million to build it and skill for it, 850+ million to buy one ready made along with the skills.
  • CPU 715 tf
  • Capacitor 5,625 / 924 sec recharge
  • Sensor Strength 14
  • High slots 7
  • Medium slots 7
  • Low slots 4
  • Rig slots 2
  • Launcher hardpoints 4
  • Turret hardpoints 0
  • Capacity 1,225 cu/m
  • Shields 8,200 / 2,272 sec recharge (0 EM 50 Exp 48 Kin 40 Thm)
  • Armor 11,953 (50 EM 10 Exp 34 Kin 59 Thm)
  • Hull 11,953
  • Effective HP 31,623
  • Special:Caldari Battleship Skill Bonus: 10% bonus to cruise missile and torpedo velocity and explosion velocity per level
  • Special: Marauders Skill Bonus: 7.5% bonus to shield boost amount and 7.5% bonus to effectiveness of target painters per level
  • Special: Badass Role Bonus: 100% bonus to cruise missile and torpedo damage, 100% bonus to range and velocity of tractor beams

What To Buy, What To Fly?

There is the data I have at hand. Now which way should I go?

The Marauder Path


  • Firepower, certainly. It has only 4 launcher hard points, but it doles out double damage for each missile, giving it the same shot potential as the Raven State Issue. You get that AND three remaining high slots for your nosferatu, energy neutralizer, and drone control module.
  • Tractor beam reach and speed! Again, it doubles your tractor beam range (40 km) and the speed that it pulls goodies back to you (1,000 m/s). If you have to loot and salvage every wreck like I do, that has got to look good.
  • Storage capacity is a win too, as you get nearly double the hold to store your loot.
  • Shields have better resistances, along with armor, and there is a boost to shield boosters, which is a good thing with a platform that is built with an active shield tank in mind


  • Price. Holy cow!
  • Skill. I am 90 days away from flying one.
  • While the shield tank is better in resistance, and there is the bonus to boosters, the effective hit points of the ship still don’t add up to a Raven Navy Issue.

The Navy Issue Route


  • Best shield tank of my options.
  • Less expensive and easier to obtain. Plus, if you buy a blueprint, it does not require any exotic tech II materials to build it.
  • Skills required to fly it are essentially the same as a stock Raven.


  • Still costs a lot. I could afford one, but I could not afford to lose it.
  • All my loyalty points are with the Amarr Navy, so I’m more likely to get an Apoc Navy Issue going that route.

My Good Old Raven


  • I already own it.
  • I haven’t failed a mission yet with it… at least not when there wasn’t a lot of system lag.
  • It is cheap relative to the other ships on the list. I can afford to buy 5 more like it at market price, and many more than that if I build.


  • Worst shield tank on the list.
  • No prestige. It is the Ford or Chevy of Caldari battleships.
  • If I stick with it, I have to find something new on which to spend my ISK.


As you might have guessed, I will be sticking with the standard Raven for right now.

This exercise started out when I was having trouble adapting from the passive shield tanking strategies of the Drake to the active shield tanking methods of the Raven, with all that capacitor management. I have since gotten something of a grip on flying missions with the Raven.

Still, were I to upgrade, I would probably go with the Raven Navy Issue. The tank-breaking offense of the Golem is tempting, especially when you only need four launchers to do it. But the price! They will probably get a bit more reasonable as time goes along, but right now they are too much for me.

7 thoughts on “Upgrading: Golem or Raven Navy Issue?

  1. Rieger

    Well Wilhelm in my opinion you are making the right choice. No matter what you end up doing in this game you have to keep the #1 rule in mind.

    #1 – Never fly what you can’t afford to lose

    It is a nice simple rule that saves you from a crushing defeat from even something as simple as a lag spike. The other thing to keep in mind is that CNR and Marauders are a juicy target for suicide gankers that hunt down mission runners. At least in a boring old Raven you don’t attract too much attention.

    Good luck and fly safe.


  2. Diomidis

    CNRs and Marauders are hunted cause of expensive module drop probabilities – these ships are scanned by suicide gankers, then they guesstimate the profit chances etc…

    A Marauder might be expensive as a hull, tho it can be actively tanked impressively good and cap efficient with cheap T2/Faction modules, unlike most “pro” CNRs etc that tend to be loaded with officer mods (X-L boosters particularly, but the same goes for other marauders like the Paladin)

    Also a Golem has effectively 8x launchers vs. 7x for the CNR and 6x for the regular Raven, plus u get those nice Tbeam bonuses and more utility slots to do a bit of salvaging/looting quite effectively.


  3. Casa Clubs

    Of course with that RoF bonus and with Caldari Battleship skill at lvl 5 the CNR has effectively the firepower of 8.75 launchers ( 7 x 1.25 ). Though Golem may have an expensive advantage if you use faction missiles since it will use less of them.


  4. Sam Creecy

    “No prestige. It is the Ford or Chevy of Caldari battleships.” LMFAO !!!

    Thanks for the giggle. I’m in the same fix as you. I’ve got the skills & ISK but would hate to lose the beast to an L4 mission like Recon. All I really need is a cruise missile platform. The standard Raven does that just fine.

    Also, current Lonetrek prices for CNR start at 600M ISK. Before expensive modules, of course. Current price for a Raven is ~70Mil ISK.

    Best regards



  5. Sane

    Just bought CNR with 525 million ISK, most are 580-600 range but if looking another regions you can find one cheaper.

    and btw that CNR are worth of isk. You make price back faster than regular raven because more damage and more shields, just fly through and shoot everything :)


  6. hekje

    I run my golem in 0.5-0.6-0.7 space.
    I’ve come across around 6 suicide fleets that try to gank me for profit over the past month.
    The problem for them is i run a second account with a dominix with shield transporter, energy neut, and self armor reppers.
    Meaning my golem can hold out long enough to either make them warp away since it will take to long or hold out long enough to defend myself with concord and gate guns help.
    I have however lost 1 in about 7 months time due to a large gank fleet of 20~ ppl wich is very rare in highsec.

    If you really wanna fly this thing don’t fly it if you can’t replace it atleast 3 times over.


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