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Living Legacy Free Time Farewell

While the in-game events go on, the free play time is winding down for SOE’s Living Legacy promotion. The tap was turned off for EverQuest last Friday and EverQuest II will become the sole domain of paying subscribers by the end of this week.

Still, all former players of these games were given almost two months of free play in these games, along with other goodies.

And how did I use my Living Legacy time?

EverQuest II

I squandered my time.

I logged on maybe five times total during the whole Living Legacy promotion, and the only time I stayed on for more than a few minutes was the other night when the instance group was down to three and we ran off to Darklight Wood.

For the most part I was in the doldrums when it came to EQII though. None of my characters are currently compelling, I have no empty character slots left to roll a new one (my usual cure for the game blues), and my guild seems to be taking the summer off. Oh well.


I actually spent some time in EverQuest during the Living Legacy program. I actually leveled up my Drakkin shadow knight from 20 to 31, which meant getting him to the point of having a decent pet, a useful life tap, and some good damage over time spells, all of which made him just that much easier to solo as I went along.

Tistann, mounted and looking for trouble

Tistann, mounted and looking for trouble

I even joined Tipa’s Nostalgia guild, though since their grouping days were Tuesday and Friday, when I am usually spending some time with my wife, I never actually grouped up with anybody. But I did chat on the guild channel.  No, really, people acknowledged my presence.

Did I Resubscribe?

Urm, sorry, no.

The Living Legacy promotion offered quite a bit of cool stuff to returning players, but I already had a number of the key items. In both games I already own the current expansion and I will probably buy the next expansion for both, so inducements for either were lost on me.

I might have subscribed to EverQuest if they had kept the experience boost in hot zones. That was a heady experience, going through eleven levels in a couple of days of play, versus how long those levels too me back in the old days.

But even that is just an appeal to the tourist in me. Rediscovering classes, monsters, and zones was fun, but I was not very serious about the game while I was doing that.

So while I am sure I will subscribe to both games at some future date, right now I am laying down my burdens in Norrath and heading to other lands.