Kernite is Like a Drug

The prime goal of my production operation is to make more money with my mined minerals than I would otherwise make by selling the minerals directly on the open market.

With the current slump in mineral prices (and I assume I am not the only one who has noticed this), the manufacture of goods for sale has become even more viable. I even dipped back into my supply of blueprints and dusted off some for missiles. When tritanium was over 3 ISK per and mexallon sold for 35 ISK easy, the profit margin on missile production was exceedingly thing, but now at 2.5 ISK and 25 ISK respectively, the profits are much more attractive.

So back to mining for production… except… well…

My Hulk just jumped into an asteroid field and there is kernite to be mined!

When I first came to Amarr space, it was to mine kernite.

I wanted to refine it.

Back in Caldari space there is no easy access to isogen, one of the the key minerals in production. So when I arrived in Amarr space I thought, “I’ll never be hungry for isogen again!”

Except, of course, I am still chronically short of isogen in Amarr space, and most the isogen I do refine comes from mission module drops rather than ore.

The problem is that, due to a particular common story line mission, kernite is in high demand. I can put up all the kernite that I can mine at 250 ISK per unit and sell it over a weekend without a blink.

Meanwhile, if I refine kernite, even the most optimistic current mineral prices make it worth 130 ISK per unit, and 110 ISK per unit is closer to realistic.

The lure of easy money. I cannot stop mining kernite to resell. 8,000 units brings home a tidy 2 million ISK.

Of course, I suppose with all that cash I could just BUY my isogen on the market. When I have some time. I’m busy mining.

5 thoughts on “Kernite is Like a Drug

  1. Manasi

    Hurray for mining! Thats what I started in EvE as and I still like it, granted i like it when we ahve a CAP ( combat Air Patrol up) 10X better …sigh the good ole days ..haha…GL with you endeavors.

    -The Mule


  2. Letrange

    Just remember one of the changes they are discussing for a down the road industrial boost is the removal of T1 drops from belt rats and mission rats. This will be replaced by some other “thing” that will be used to either make or turn T1 items into meta items.

    Expect mineral prices to go sky high when this happens in knee jerk reaction. I’ll probably be pulling all my stock off the market and looking to pick up underpriced stuff to refine for a week or two then put stuff back up on sale when prices (both of the mins and the items) stabilize.


  3. bluelinebasher

    For some reason this reminds me of college days. One day I went with a friend to a pizza shop, and he got the two-liters that are on site there — of course me being in college, I always went for the store brand like select over the big name soda to save some scratch for more important things like booze…but anyway, the look of horror in my eyes as he went for the overpriced 2-liter pepsis were met with “cmon, it’s here and it’s already cold.” In Eve you can charge handsomely for convenience, and aggressively working the market is probably the best part of Eve for high-sec dwellers. I agree, great pro-mining post.


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  5. Eric

    Omber is what you want. If you get Downing the slavers, mine the omber rocks for a week, and you’ll have plenty of Isogen for weeks to come ;).


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