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Warhammer Online – September 18th Confirmed

The Warhammer Herald has announced the ship date and pricing for Warhammer Online at last!

GameSpot was spot on with the September 18th date and pricing will be the standard $14.99 a month.

Visit the Warhammer Herald to see the details abouth this and the pre-order open beta and head start program.

Now what are the recommended system specifications for playing the game?  There is still time to guess.

The Secure Commerce Commission Needs Teeth!

The whole “suicide ganking” issue has been getting a lot of play in EVE Online discussion circles. Groups of players in high security systems, systems with CONCORD police patrols, sacrificing themselves to blow up your ship so their corp mates can then loot your wreck and make off with the goodies you were hauling.

I’m coming up on two years in the game, and that is just life in EVE.   I’ve faced the issue myself.  And CCP says that it is not griefing as long as the motive is economic gain.

Highway robbery is a valid economic proposal in EVE Online!

The scheme is more than a little dubious as people make alts, train them up just enough to be effective, gank away until they lose enough security status to no longer be useful, then roll another alt.

I suppose you can make a claim about “false IDs” or getting your security clearance “doctored” as a role play justification for this, but it is still a matter of a game mechanism being used as it was not intended.

The attacks have been getting worse of late though. I have been shot up a couple of times flying an empty hauler. Fortunately I was on my guard a couple of times and the attacker was inept in the one other case. But still, you want to shout “BUY A CARGO SCANNER” in the local channel. I get the “for profit” aspect, but now gangs are just crapping on people for no reason.

Of course, some people want CONCORD to be more effective. They want CONCORD out kicking butt and taking names.

When it was just economic gain that people were pursuing with this behavior, CCP seemed disinclined to change things. Now that it seems to be something of an epidemic, CCP has taken official notice. In the latest EVE Insider Dev Blog they have listed out some measures that they are looking into to keep suicide ganking from being so easy.

The items they are proposing seem good to me. They do not appear, in my eyes, to push CONCORD too far from their position of “force of retribution” as opposed to a “force of protection.” Still, I bet the debates will rage on the EVE forums.

But, while we’re on the subject, I would like to toss out one more idea that I think is completely in keeping with the nature of EVE Online.

I would changes things so that, if you attack and destroy a ship in a high security system, you should not only face the wrath of CONCORD, but you (and your helpers) should also have to pay back the Secure Commerce Commission for any insurance payout they have to make.

And, while I was doing that, I would also raise the insurance premiums and payouts on Tech II ships.

I think that a realistic economic disincentive to ganking would do nearly as much to slow it down as making CONCORD more aggressive. If you do not have enough ISK in your account when you kill somebody, you balance goes negative. Of course, people could work around that with trades, so you would probably have to add in something to prevent people from deleting characters with negative ISK balances or at least some ability to impound ships or equipment.

I know I would make sure I had the platinum insurance plan on all my ships if a high sec ganker was going to have to take care of the payout!

What else, if anything, should CCP consider?