Warhammer Online – September 18th Confirmed

The Warhammer Herald has announced the ship date and pricing for Warhammer Online at last!

GameSpot was spot on with the September 18th date and pricing will be the standard $14.99 a month.

Visit the Warhammer Herald to see the details abouth this and the pre-order open beta and head start program.

Now what are the recommended system specifications for playing the game?  There is still time to guess.

3 thoughts on “Warhammer Online – September 18th Confirmed

  1. JoBildo

    I believe they’ve come out too… just not sure where I read them. They were incredibly low though, closer to WoW’s, maybe slightly above. Like integrated video is not at all supported.


  2. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    They announced the minimum specs on July 30th, but I haven’t seen anything official on the recommended specs. I am sure that will come up on the Herald when they are official.

    I have to imagine they are already printed on the sides of a lot of boxes stored away somewhere, so why not tell us?


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