Auchenai Crypts – Target Maladaar!

Finally, after several weeks of side journeys, the fab five finally found themselves together in Azeroth on a Saturday night looking for a good time. And what is more fun than a little revenge. We had Exarch Maladaar in mind, the final boss in the Acuhenai Crypts and the big guy that thwarted us in our last venture therein. And so we assembled our group outside the instance determined to finish that last quest and be done:

68 Mage – Ula
68 Paladin – Vikund
69 Warlock – Bungholio
69 Warrior – Earlthecat
70 Priest – Skronk

The night started off a bit rough.

The first pull in the instance went wrong, the group was overwhelmed, and we ran for the door with the priest down.

We were a bit out of practice. That and this was the first time the five of us were together and doing an instance since the great respec’ing, when Skronk went from Holy to Shadow and Vikund went from Protection to Retribution.

And the going stayed rough through the first boss, Shirrak the Dead Watcher. We wiped a couple of times, which is to be expected in a warm up session, but we also lost people in ones and twos in battles where we should have been good. Again, mostly due to the respecs and often due to the interaction between Skronk and Vikund.

As a protection pally, Vik was not much of a healing burden to Skronk. After the respec though, Vik can’t quite off-tank with impunity any more.

And we also learned, the hard way, that a retribution pally hits hard. Vik got charmed a couple of times. When he was protection, that wasn’t such a big deal, it did not alter the fight too much. But as retribution, look out. Vik took that big hammer and smashed Skronk, Bung, and Ula into the pavement in separate fights.

Vik hits hard and crits often now.

Which, of course, was the point of the respec, but you hate to have that turned against you, because your group ends up like this:

A wipe is a wipe

So death stalked us through the crypts, which is a wholly appropriate thing for death to do in a place called “the crypts,” now that I think of it. Our advances were hard fought, losses were dear, and even our victories were bittersweet.

Here we have slain Shirrak the Dead Watcher, on our second try, but with the loss of Earl and Vikund.

Still, once past Shirrak things began to go better. The skeletons between Shirrak and Maladaar are a cake walk for a group with a paladin in it, elite though they be. We carved our way through them until we stood again before Maladaar.

The was our third time facing him.

We managed to kill him by sheer luck the first time around, but we did not have the quest for him at that point.

The second time we could not defeat him in more than eight tries. A difficult night.

But to finish the quest “Everything Will be Alright” and claim the shiny upgrades it offered as rewards, he was going to have to go down.

This was what we had respec’d to do.

And it worked.

Seriously, it worked like a charm.

Rather than the desperate battle he had been in the past, summoning half a dozen undead copies of the team to help him, he only got off two. When he finally summoned the shade version of himself to at the end of the battle, it arrived just in time to see him die. If it weren’t for an unlucky hit from the second summoned shades that latched onto Skronk, we would have come through without a death.

But victory was ours.

A close up of the team.

Auchenai Crypts complete!

The quest goodie for us plate wearing types was The Exarch’s Protector. Now I need to find some decent yellow gems for the sockets.

In a nice touch, you get to see Maladaar outside the instance after you turn in the quest.

We wrapped up the night by resetting the instance and killing for a bit longer until Ula hit level 69.

Next week we get to move on to something a little different, the Caverns of Time and Escape from Durnholde Keep. We are looking forward to it.

2 thoughts on “Auchenai Crypts – Target Maladaar!

  1. *vlad*

    MInd control in one form or another is prevalent in Auchenai. Make sure you kill the mobs responsible (or totems) fast, then it won’t be a problem.

    Durnholde is fun. Before you get there, though, you need to do the ‘Tour’ of Caverns of Time, so leave plenty of time to get that out of the way.
    Also, when you have to release Thrall, make sure everyone is (a) on the quest, and (b) standing next to him before anyone speaks to him, otherwise someone could miss out on fulfilling the quest objectives, and you will have to run the instance again.


  2. TheRemedy

    I don’t think that’s quite true vlad. I remember failing the quest numerous times in the past and Thrall just went back to his cell.


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