Daily Archives: August 10, 2008

EVE Blog Pack Profiles Idea

I mentioned in my July in Review post that I was mulling over an idea for the EVE Blog Pack.

The idea is to publish at a regular interval a profile of a member of the pack. There are enough people in the pack that once a month would be too long between posts, but once every week or two would be about right.

The profile would be responses to a list of standard questions and would be sent out so that any member of the EVE blog pack could post it or not. Personally, I’ll make the commitment to post such profiles as a regular Sunday feature.

Which brings me to the part that actually takes some thought: What questions to ask?

The first couple are obvious, of course. Name/handle. Blog name and address. Faction. When they started playing. What area or areas of EVE Online game play focused they on.

But there I sort of stumble. I would like the profiles to be interesting, to be worth reading, to be more than just an ad for another blog, to be something to draw the in the reader’s interest so that they might go explore other sites to see what goes on in EVE.

So I thought I would float the question to you.

What sort of content would make these sorts of profiles interesting to look at week after week?