EVE Blog Pack Profiles Idea

I mentioned in my July in Review post that I was mulling over an idea for the EVE Blog Pack.

The idea is to publish at a regular interval a profile of a member of the pack. There are enough people in the pack that once a month would be too long between posts, but once every week or two would be about right.

The profile would be responses to a list of standard questions and would be sent out so that any member of the EVE blog pack could post it or not. Personally, I’ll make the commitment to post such profiles as a regular Sunday feature.

Which brings me to the part that actually takes some thought: What questions to ask?

The first couple are obvious, of course. Name/handle. Blog name and address. Faction. When they started playing. What area or areas of EVE Online game play focused they on.

But there I sort of stumble. I would like the profiles to be interesting, to be worth reading, to be more than just an ad for another blog, to be something to draw the in the reader’s interest so that they might go explore other sites to see what goes on in EVE.

So I thought I would float the question to you.

What sort of content would make these sorts of profiles interesting to look at week after week?

11 thoughts on “EVE Blog Pack Profiles Idea

  1. Spectre

    Some other potential questions:

    (1) Recap or tell one interesting/unique story that happened during your time in Eve.

    (2) What would you change about the game if you were a dev?

    (3) What is your favorite color, what is your quest and what is the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow?

    First two at least were serious :)


  2. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    The only thing with the story idea is that is something you would expect them to have written up on their blog. Maybe a pointer to their best tale from New Eden?


  3. Crazykinux

    That’s a great idea Wilhelm!

    Let’s see…

    – What makes them stick to EVE after all this time?, or
    – What made them start playing EVE in the first place?
    – What do they like the most? the least about EVE?
    – What’s the coolest thing they’ve ever been part of, witness or masterminded?
    – How many hours a week do they sink in EVE, playing, blogging, reading about it?
    – Have they done anything foolish in RL, to accomplish a task in EVE?

    I’ll let you know if any others come to mind, once I get some sleep!!



  4. Mynxee

    Hardest lesson learned in Eve?
    Dumbest mistake?
    Biggest surprise regarding the New Eden universe and its people?
    Craziest thing you’ve ever seen a pod pilot do, that actually WORKED?
    How many EVE friends turned into RL friends?
    How do you deal with mate/partner dissatisfaction with the time you spend in game?
    Have you given anything back to the EVE community?

    Profiles would make for interesting reading, so I hope you go forward with it…I”d present the entire slate of questions to each interviewee, let them answer what they want, and only publish the ones that get substantive answers (otherwise it’s SO boring to read and unnecessarily lengthy).


  5. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    I think we should make this happen, we just have to come up with that set of questions that is short enough to be an easy, attractive read but with enough meat to make people want to visit the site of the person being profiled.

    Keeping it on the short side also makes it more likely that we’ll get more participation. We shall see.


  6. nuyan

    It’s a very good idea. A set of questions is a good idea, but I’d also suggest more personal questions and some spontaneous questions during an interview works way better, but that’s a bit hard via e-mail of course.


  7. Manasi

    IM down with this wilhelm :) Some great ideas in EvE. The only question I woudl ask would be to define your playstyle within EvE? Can you describe it, do you do something that others might not do? Do you ahve a story about your Avatar or is it just random?


  8. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    Been paying the price for going on vacation at the office this week. Work piles up when you’re away. I’ll drop you an email soon with a proposal.


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