Worlds Collide… With Me

The EVE Online mission “Worlds Collide” and I have a history.

Almost two years ago, when I first started playing EVE Online, I was given “Worlds Collide” as a mission.

After running the old tutorial I was sent to my first agent, Purkkoken Honuken, located at the Caldari Navy Assembly Plant orbiting moon 4 of Jita IV. The very first mission Purkkoken gave me to run in my Ibis was the level 1 version of “Worlds Collide.”

That did not go well.

I ran at it more than a few times, but it just wasn’t going to happen. That was about enough to make me quit EVE, being faced with a mission that is pretty much impossible in an Ibis. The mission expired eventually. I buckled down and worked on getting a better ship by mining. Eventually I felt ready for another mission. I drew the first of many, many runs through “Avenge a Fallen Comrade.”

I ran across “Worlds Collide” a few more times. By the time I saw it again though, I was flying a destroyer and, while it still was not easy, it was manageable.

Then I started running level 2 then level 3 missions. “Worlds Collide” is only available as level 1 or level 4, so I did not see it again.

And even when I began running level 4 missions, I never seemed to draw it… until the weekend before last, which lead to last week’s “Vacation Cliffhanger” post.

The simple answer to the questions posed last week are:

  • Will I align and warp out in time? No.
  • Did I remember to insure the ship? No.
  • How did I get in this position in the first place? Poor reading comprehension and being in a hurry.

Things went well to start with. I got on, accepted the mission, flew out, and cleaned out the first pocket of both factions. I even flew back to base, got out my salvage Cormorant and cleaned up the first pocket.

All that took more time than I thought it would. Things in MMOs always take more time than you think they will. So I checked the mission outline to see if there were any shortcuts I could take. The entry on EVE-Survival said the following for pocket 2 of the mission:

(Angel Base): Kill or ignore the two Angel Spy frigates & Angel Sentry Guns. Fly directly to the gate and activate gate.

“Cool,” I thought, “I can just scoot right through the second stage!”

And so I flew my Raven back out, took the gate to the Sansha Base, and tried to blaze on through to the warp gate.

The Sansha Base is a little tougher than the Angel Base. That would be my guess.

By the time everything in the pocket was aggro and attacking me, it was a bit too late to get away.

I busily tried to take down the frigates that were webbing and warp scrambling me. The ship went boom and I sat there in my pod feeling really dumb. Somebody commented on the other post about taking the time out for a screen shot. Screen shots only take a second. The agony of that death took a good minute.

2008.08.09 23:44:00

Victim: Wilhelm Arcturus
Corp: Twilight Cadre
Alliance: NONE
Faction: NONE
Destroyed: Raven
Damage Taken: 57651

Involved parties:

Name: Centus Overlord / Unknown (laid the final blow)
Damage Done: 57651

At least you get a booby prize for uninsured ships. I got a 45 million ISK pay out for an uninsured Raven. Who says EVE is hard core?

Now I had to get back there and pull out what fittings I could, salvage the ship, then start in on the painful process of fitting out a new Raven.

Time to compound my problems!

I got my trusty old Drake, fully insured still, out of the hanger and thought, if only I could sneak in there with the tractor beam and pull the Raven wreckage out, I would at least get something back.

This is where I discovered what sets the whole room on aggro. If you get within a certain range of the warp gate to the next pocket, the whole room lights up.

I got into the second pocket, pulled in the Raven, looted and salvaged it without a problem. A pile of my tech II fittings came through intact! All I had to do was warp out and things would be fine. I had actually knocked off a couple of the insta-aggro Sansha ships with the Raven, so things were going smoothly. they were going so smoothly, I thought I might as well salvage and loot the other wrecks as well. I just had to travel a little bit to get them in tractor range…

And then the pocket lit up on me again.

This time I really didn’t have time for a screen shot.

2008.08.10 00:16:00

Victim: Wilhelm Arcturus
Corp: Twilight Cadre
Alliance: NONE
Faction: NONE
Destroyed: Drake
Damage Taken: 41884

Involved parties:

Name: Centus Overlord / Unknown (laid the final blow)
Damage Done: 41884

Well crap. Down two ships.

Time to regroup and refit.

I found a Raven for under market price only a jump away. I found most of the fittings I needed close by as well. I had the salvage parts to make two Capacitor Control rigs. And I had a tractor beam sitting in storage. I put it all together and headed out again.

This time I grabbed the Drake wreckage, hauled it in, looted it, and got out with my missing tech II fittings. That put me back to about 90% of the capability of my old Raven.

Then I went back in and did the mission by the book, carefully peeling off each group, keeping them at maximum range to minimize the damage they could inflict, and generally doing things the way they should be done when you’re not in a rush. It took time, but dying took even more time.

I got to the third pocket, fought the one aggro group, rescued the crew from the damaged Heron, and headed home.

With the mission payout, with time bonus, the bounties, and the insurance payouts, my bank account ended up with about as much ISK in it as when I started out. I was just short a fully fitted Drake.

Later that evening I went back to the agent looking for another mission. And wouldn’t you know it, I drew “Worlds Collide” again.

15 thoughts on “Worlds Collide… With Me

  1. skeezer

    reading these stories is the reason i downloaded Eve (for the 2nd time), but i just cant get into it. i really want to like it.


  2. Rick

    “they were going so smoothly, I thought I might as well salvage and loot the other wrecks as well. I just had to travel a little bit to get them in tractor range…”

    I actually cringed when I read this, thinking “no no no no no…”, like when people in horror movies say “We should split up and look for Jenny, we’ll find her faster that way”.

    Ouch. I was similarly brutalized by the level 1 Worlds Collide, but I eventually got really good at it (also in a destroyer), and came to enjoy it. I haven’t gotten to that point with level 4 missions yet :)


  3. syncaine

    That’s one mission I still have not run in my Rohk, but I’m looking forward to it now with t2 large rails.

    As always, sorry to hear about your ships, but they do make for good posts :)


  4. sgavenger

    That sounds really painful, I wouldn’t have been able to recoup as fast. I think I was in the same boat as you, my fist mission ever was Worlds Collide.


  5. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    Worlds Collide is likely the only mission that has such a reputation, probably because the level 1 version can really brutalize a noob.

    This, by the way, is the validation of my choice to stick with plain vanilla Raven versus a Navy Issue. I doubt the Navy Issue would have made it through either.

    But with a stack of ISK and a common ship, getting mostly refitted was not such a big deal. In the end, I finished the mission with a ship that was only 90% as capable as my original, and that ship will be at 100% once I get the salvage parts to fill out the rig slots.

    I also have to fit out a pair of Drakes. I picked up a 2 run BPC and had the minerals on hand to make them both. I am surprised how tough the Drake really can be when fitted right.


  6. Shivoa

    I think I managed to avoid this curse by jumping into a destroyer at the first opportunity and so when the mission came up I was already flying with some decent damage over 5-6 small railguns.

    The mission that will forever live with me was when I’d first hit level 2 and literally the 3rd mission offered to me was ‘Recon’. I’d decided to save up and skip cruisers so that I could enjoy a battlecruiser and massive shields from the off. Foolishly I jumped into the mission without reading EVE-Survival so walked in blind.

    Jump in, clear to provide wreckage for salvage, jump through and mission complete. My plan was simple.

    Unfortunately EVE had decided I was being a tad too cocky. First spawn:
    1x Elite Cruiser (Dire Pithum abolisher)
    1x Battlecruiser (Pithatis Death Dealer)
    1x Battleship (Pith Usurper/Massacrer)

    o_O but I decide to see if I can get my drones on the cruiser and railgun down the battlecruiser while afterburning to the safer 70km range my guns were designed to shine at (no laughing at the back, first battleship I’d ever encountered and this was only a level 2 mission, how hard could it be?), then finish off the battleship if possible or just run back to the gate and jump to the second area.

    2 minutes later and things were not going well. My shield tank was just about gone and my attempts at killing anything had been totally shot by the subsequent spawns including:
    Elite Frigate (Dire Pithi Infiltrator/Invader) (Web/Scramble)
    Elite Cruiser (Dire Pithum Nullifier/Annihilator) (Jamming)
    Yep, no chance at getting a lock and my drones were very dead.

    Desperate jump to the nearest station on my overview. I managed to get out just before my armour failed and left my hull to take a beating. A very expensive repair bill later and a restock for drones and I thought I’d give it one more go. Jump in, take the mission advice and run straight for the next gate as it was unlocked. All I had to do was survive the bombardment long enough to get to the jump.

    A smarter person would probably have checked the mission reports online before jumping back into the mission that almost wiped their ship.

    As I jumped in the second time and switched on the cap recharger, shield recharger, and afterburners I quickly realised I wasn’t going to get anywhere near the 25km distance to the second gate. Jumped out and failed the mission. Maybe my skills really weren’t up to this battlecruiser and level 2 missions weren’t possible for sub-2m skill point pilots.

    /EVE-Survival the mission.


    Oh, so that might have been a bug. Those ship spawns were from the level 4 version of the mission. Suddenly I wasn’t feeling so bad about giving up rather than completing the mission. Damn battlcruisers have some decent defence!


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  8. Captain Braddock

    This is one of the type of missions on lev4 that is good to farm.
    kim the first two rooms and leave it be until the next downtime.
    repeat and make good isk and loot. only on the last day turn it in.this is why its good to have multiple agents so you can farm your missions.
    Mining wise some missions are good to farm too because they are loaded with omber or pyro. they are filled with roids that are now bigger then anything left available in empire due to overmining..

    how do you farm a mission you may ask , just don’t get to the point where the mission log says objective complete. Most are destroy all ships ,well let a few live ( frigats preferably)


  9. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    I have considered the whole bounty farming idea for missions. I have even done it inadvertently due to time constraints.

    The problem is I like to get those 16 missions in to get my storyline mission. Right now the level 4 storyline missions I have been getting are handing out +4 implants in return for 8,000 units of kernite. I want those implants. I can use a couple more for my main, a whole set for my alt, and will happily sell the rest on the market.

    That and when I am on a mission running binge, as I have been of late, it is usually because I am working on my standings with a particular NPC corp, which means turning in the mission is the key.


  10. Captain Braddock

    if you want quick standing increase do the courries then. you easily do a mission every 10 to 15 mins where as combat takes quite a while especially at lev 4. les isk , but more standing gain.


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  12. Mara Rinn

    Just letting you in on my World’s Collide secret: Warp in to the second room, you’ll have the sentry guns and two webifier frigates on your case.

    Hit the afterburner and point your ship away from the crowd, blowing up the sentry guns on your way through. Go get a coffee.

    When you come back, about 50km away from the unwashed masses, destroy the two webifier frigates. Get aggro from the rest of the room and blow them up as they fly towards you. Pay special attention to pulling your drones in until you have aggro, and be sure to kill the warp scrambler frigates first.

    I’ve had friends lose their battleships while I was running this mission with them in my Drake. They’d shoot something before I got aggro, at which point the entire room aggros them. Then they die, and the entire room aggros me, and I sit there blowing stuff up slowly while they grab a new battleship, fit it out and return to the mission.

    I’ve always kited NPCs in missions, staying well out of blaster/torpedo/autocannon range.


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