Casualties of WAR: Free-for-All Ends Soon

Casualties of WAR, the Warhammer Online guild which I and a surprising number of bloggers, friends, and family are joining up with, will be changing its recruitment policies as of midnight CST on Friday.

The guild leaders are using words like “standards” and “vetting.” We might, you know, be a wee bit selective going forward.

So if you want to join Casualties of War with a minimum amount of fuss, run over there before the free-for-all times out.

Go to the applications forum, read the simple rules and follow them.

I must say I am impressed at how many have followed the simple rules! I think the guild is getting the cream of the crop. (Of course, we still let Darren in and he didn’t follow the rules, feeling his celebrity status was enough I guess!)

Some time this weekend there will be a new set of rules posted about applying to the guild.

Personally, I am pushing for a 30+ minute interview in the sweat lodge with the council of elders like I had to go through to get into The OGV.

[*Due to a last minute surge of applicants, the guild applicant process has been put on hold earlier than expected until the new version can come online. The free-for-all endeth.*]

21 thoughts on “Casualties of WAR: Free-for-All Ends Soon

  1. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    @Tipa – That’s why I got in early, before such standards reared their ugly head… or heads… whatever. Remember, fools rush in… and get the best seats.

    @Potshot – Actually, we’ll be moving from the Groucho Marx club standard to the Moe Howard variety I think.


  2. Kendricke

    I sincerely wish you the best. Traditionally, forum/web based guilds tend to have a LOT of additional troubles once the game’s they formed up for officially launch.

    I did talk to Brasse about Casualties of War quite a bit at FanFaire and explained that if my guild weren’t opening a chapter in Warhammer, I’d have been tempted to drop my name in the hat, but chances are good I’d have driven the rest of you bonkers anyway (I tend to get antsy in pick-up groups, I can’t imagine how frustrating I could be in a pick-up guild).

    I think you’ve got some good things going for you guys and I’m hoping to set up shop on the same server as Casaulties so we can group from time to time, but that doesn’t mean I think it’s going to be completely smooth sailing for you guys. I do hope that your leadership is ready for the issues which are common to guilds of these sorts which can include:

    -Lack of predefined focus can lead to missed expectations which in turn can lead to member frustration (this is one of those killers which destroys guilds in many games). There’s a huge difference between what someone like me might think of “team oriented” and what someone like you may think. Just looking over the initial list of players in the guild, you’ve got a wide variety of players – from hardcore raiders down to ultracasual explorers who haven’t made level cap in a single MMO yet. I’m not saying “it can’t happen”, but you already have challenges that other guilds might not.

    -Personality conflicts. Realize, you have a guild which has both Heartless AND Darren…then multiply that by every other type of member in your guild. Remember, bloggers aren’t exactly bloggers because they’re afraid to express opinions. I can absolutely assure you that drama from guildchat WILL spill into articles and vice versa. Be ready for it. You’ve got some big names in that guild – some of whom may not like being told what they may or may not do. I don’t envy your guild leadership – I have enough issues with my own members (who don’t tend to have weekly podcasts or large audiences).

    -Back seat guildmastering. Looking over the roster, I note at LEAST three or four names of members who are used to leading their own guilds. Just as the old cliche reminds us that doctors make the worst patients, I’ve got to tell you that some of the hardest members I’ve had to deal with in my own guild were those who were used to leading their own guilds or raids. I’m not saying it doesn’t work, but it’s been my experience that members who are used to leading aren’t always the best at being lead.

    If you prepare for those type of issues in advance, you’ll probably have a much better overall experience with gameplay. In the meantime, I look forward to seeing you in-game.


  3. Gaff

    “…from hardcore raiders down to ultracasual explorers who haven’t made level cap in a single MMO yet.”

    Haha, thats you Wil!

    I don’t think I’ve ever been in a guild of more than three people that didn’t have issues, regardless of the recruitment policy.


  4. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    Hey, I am gonna make the level cap in WoW! I’m gonna! You just wait!

    And I’m not an ultracasual explorer, I suffer from alt-itis… and I am easily distracted by trade skills and the economic game.

    Anyway, I think my expectations, guild wise, are relatively low. I’ll be a good soldier. I’d like it to be fun, but if it explodes… well, it should be interesting.

    I’ve been through the grinder of clan/guild drama before, including a coup in our MUD guild, a micro managing guild leader on TeamSpeak telling us how to play (while not actually in the game), and the leadership of our first EQ2 guild deciding that we were going from casual to hard core raiding. (Gaff, haven’t you been reading the guild calendar?)

    Then there is Gaff who keeps leaving guilds and corps!

    Like you, I am antsy in situations that require somebody running the show, but where nobody is taking the reins, or is doing so poorly. (You should see me when I get invited to meetings without agendas.) But that tends, for me, to be a tactical level issue, when we’re on the ground and doing something versus the bigger picture.

    For this day-one, blogger-heavy experiment, I just have to be there, especially if it ends up in fireworks, recriminations, heated blog posts, and Heartless vs. Darren gladiatorial combat.

    And even if it ends in a whimper and we all quietly wander off to other guilds that better suit our needs (which I suspect will happen with a good chunk of the guild over time), we’ll all be on the same server. It would be really nice to be able to see, group up, and generally interact in game with the people whose work I have read or listened too. And you’re on that list Kendricke, so I look forward to seeing you in game!


  5. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    “I don’t think I’ve ever been in a guild of more than three people that didn’t have issues, regardless of the recruitment policy.”

    We were doing well with four in our EVE Corp… until you left! Hah!


  6. syncaine

    Oh nooz, the casual blogger guild is going elitest jerks on us all!

    I’m a bit surprised by the size too. I wonder how much of that is bandwagon pre-release hype though. It’s easy being in a guild for a game not out yet.

    When the idea was being tossed around, I honestly thought it would be a few bloggers and the people who comment often. I wonder if after a month or so, it won’t turn into that. Hopefully though, even with the big numbers, it remains a good time.


  7. Cyanbane

    We have about 10ish people or so from our site that were semi-planning on forming up a guild, but this sounds fun. Asking around to see what everyone thinks about trying to join up with you guys (that is if our applications would go through. I can guarantee all of them would have beer stains on them). We almost* are all currently in closed beta and have been for awhile and each have multiple chars/classes.


  8. Ardwulf

    I’m not inclined to argue with Kendrike’s greater guild experience, but it’s been mine that casual guilds are more fun, work better and recover better from the inevitable drama than serious, uber-hardcore guilds. A MUD guild is, almost be definition, extremely hardcore, for example. It’s really a matter of expectations and clearly communicating those to the members.

    I’m not saying this one will go so smoothly – I know (in a blogger sense) a decent number of the folks involved, but the group we’re looking at is quite a lot larger than that smallish subset. There’s no guarantee nobody’s going to prove themselves to be a jackass. However, the guild leadership does appear to have the right idea.

    There WILL be drama – every group has that, not just online guilds. Hell, I’ve seen multiple marriages destroyed because of drama in a tabletop D&D group. Same deal with SCA groups, model railroading clubs or, I’d imagine, knitting circles. Until I’m proven wrong, however, I’m willing to make the assumption that nobody in Casualties is going to act like a raging dickhead, or that they’ll get slapped down if they do.

    But it IS experimental – I’m as curious as anybody to see how well it’ll work out.


  9. JoBildo

    Which you will get one day… maybe.

    Seriously, we didn’t expect this kind of turn out. If it lasts and at this capacity, that’s freakin’ fantastic.

    Really all we want is to get a bunch of people together who just want to game together without the hassle, the DKPs, the super-structure, and all of that. We have our rules, but they’re pretty “common sense”.

    All we really want to do is provide a name for all folks (blogger or not) to game under. I’m sure we’ll have our bad apples, and our share of arguments, but I think that most of the people in the guild so far seem to be fairly level headed in that they know that disagreements don’t mean “hate”.

    Darren, Wil, and Heartless_ are amazingly cuddling and playing with each others’ hair over on our forums.


  10. Rick

    @ Syncaine: “When the idea was being tossed around, I honestly thought it would be a few bloggers and the people who comment often.”

    That’s what we thought too! I appreciate the words of advice and concern; I’ve been in plenty of MMO guilds, and I think there’s only been one (my DAoC guild) that didn’t tend toward drama. I’m expecting it :) That said, if Darren and Heartless can get along, maybe we can get Georgia and Russia to work things out too ;)


  11. SmakenDahed

    “There’s no guarantee nobody’s going to prove themselves to be a jackass.”
    Too late, I’m a jackass. I’ll openly admit it. But my jackassery is limited to attempts at comedy, not drama.


  12. br3ntbr0

    I think that all of the things mentioned as potential pitfalls happen regardless of guild and game. Its human nature, so this guild won’t be immune and I don’t think it expects to be. Genda and Bildo probably had a very good idea of the potential pitfalls when the committed to this, and there are plenty of level headed people in this guild that can wade through any forthcoming drama and still maintain a great guild. Yes, people will come and go and there will be issues but it will work out :)

    I have no fear about things going poorly with Casualties, there are great people involved from top to bottom and just hanging out on our ventrilo server over the past few nights has been interesting to say the least. My very first trip onto the server resulted in a multi-hour discussion on several mmo’s and the rather deep thoughts that bloggers tend to write about them. It was great.

    I think CoW will elevate the War experience for many, and I’m looking forward to making some new friends here.


  13. Kendricke

    I don’t recall ever stating that Casualties was doomed to fail or that guilds require uber hardcore structure to survive. I’m just stating that guilds which use open recruiting or which are based on forums first and gameplay second tend to have their own unique set of issues.

    Obviously, my unsolicited advice is merely my own opinions on the subject, and area I’m sure you don’t need my thoughts on. I look forward to grouping with your members for years to come.


  14. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    @Kendricke – I didn’t see anything here in response to your statements that felt like somebody taking your comments as a prophesy of doom for CoW.

    You pointed out some pitfalls we may face. Some, like me, said we’ll take what comes and enjoy the ride. Others were more optimistic. That among those professing optimism were guild leaders was probably a good sign.

    We might be kidding ourselves (as Syncaine said, it is easy to be a guild when the game isn’t live), but I would only start worrying if people read your list and decided they had better leave before bad things happen.

    @Br3ntbr0 – I’m going to have to download the vent client it seems. I haven’t used anything but Skype since I bought my new CPU, but if late night MMO philosophical discussions are going on, I have to tap into that.


  15. Hudson


    I just want to make it perfectly clear I have no standards and was pushing for a total anarchy type thing but justice prevailed and reared its ugly head.

    Ok ok just kidding


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