Silly WAR Weekend Side Notes

I got more traffic yesterday than is usual for a Friday, primarily focused on my “WAR Weekend Preview” post. So I Googled the title and got:

Oh wow, first site returned. I even came out ahead of Mythic. I was also the first returned site for:

  • preview weekend download
  • wotlk preview weekend
  • preview weekend casualties

There is a quirk in Google’s algorithm somewhere. I wish I knew how to exploit it on purposes.

I also actually hit the first page of results for Yahoo, which almost never happens. Google seems to know who I am, Yahoo doesn’t return my calls.

Meanwhile, actually in the WAR Preview Weekend (I’ll hammer on that phrase and see if I can stay on top!), some people are still pushing the whole WoW-killer idea:

That and in the high elf and dwarf starting towns, everybody looks like they are running around in their night gowns and bathrobes for the first few levels.

It’s a giant slumber party! Let’s go have a pillow fight with the squigs!

4 thoughts on “Silly WAR Weekend Side Notes

  1. Saylah

    Hadn’t even thought to look until I read your post and it’s the same thing for me. The number of hits on Friday towered above all page hits for the past two months, for any day of the week. Unfortunately, I didn’t post any valuable information for people about WAR. Oh well, I guess I suck.


  2. syncaine

    On the server I was playing, saw a character run by with “Leaving WoW” as a guild name. Amusing to say the least.


  3. Marchosias

    ya, the whole “guys in dresses” thing really turned me off on making a guy elf, so of course I deleted him and made an she elf in a bikini instead! LOL.

    …and I thought that “disc” was a pillow when I first made my Chaos Mage, so I’ll bring my own I guess :P


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