Daily Archives: August 25, 2008

WAAAGH – The Warhammer Online Podcast #2

Somewhere along the line I lost track of the Massively Online Gamer podcast. I used to be a regular listener, but then things started to happen.

There was GAX Online which, understandably, took up a lot of their time.

Then there was the strange temporal asymptote phenomena that seemed to stand between them and MOG show #100. The closer they got to it, the further away that show seemed to be.

So I was glad to see that Gary and Ryan are back with a new podcast called:

WAAGH – The Warhammer Online Podcast!

Episode #2 is worth a special mention because it features Brent from VirginWorlds talking with Gary and Ryan about his “It isn’t fun” post about Warhammer Online, shark jumping as a genre, their expectations, the game itself, and their experiences so far.

Absolutely worth a listen.

You can find the episode #2 right here as well as on iTunes.

Level 70 and Level 70

While I still have to write up Saturday night’s adventure, the instance group hit two more big levels.

First, Vikund hit level 70 down in the prisoner barracks in Durnholde Keep. My first character at level cap since the Toril MUD days!

Then, not too long later, Earl hit 70 as well.

Woot! Now, in the instance group, only Ula is still level 69.

After our adventures Vikund hit the paladin trainer and, 75 gold later, had all his final (in a pre-WotLK sense) skills.

Then he took a trip to Wildhammer Stronghold to get his flying mount.

Flying… it is good enough that it feels like cheating. In most places you have a safe spot in the sky where you can hover and go AFK.

It is good enough that my daughter was occupied for an hour just flying around Shattrath.

Drained of gold, but happy to be free of that experience bar, there are just a few more details to work out before we’re done… a few instances… some trade skills to finish up… perhaps an epic flying mount.