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August in Review

The Site

August saw me AFK quite a bit.  We were down in San Diego at LEGOLand, then back to work for a dizzying number of product releases.

Still, I did not go without an update for too many days this month.

One Year Ago

I won something in a contest!  A Warp Drive Active Shirt!  I still haven’t been to any sort of EVE Online event where it would impress people however.

And speaking of EVE, I started down the training path to get my alt flying a Hulk.  As with most such ventures, it began with mining in the modest Bantam frigate and the oddly shaped Osprey cruiser.  Also, our corp, the Twilight Cadre was founded.  I also wrote up a piece on how to find an agent in EVE Online (without external resources) that has become one of the most viewed posts on this site.

I received a copy of the first issue of EQuinox, the official EverQuest II magazine.  It was… thin.  And it had a dark elf on the cover.  You would think there were no other races in EverQuest with all the play dark elves get.

Meanwhile, Qeynos harbor was full of rumors about Sarnak!

Legends of Norrath was announced at SOE Fan Faire 2007.  I was not there, but I listened to the presentation live while IM’ing with Darren about what we heard, which included an interesting offer from Leonai of Online Gaming Radio.  I still have not actually played LoN.  I am just not the collectible card game kind of person.

I purchased the Richard Garriot’s Tabula Rasa Pre-Order box, only to find that getting into the beta, as was promised on the outside of the box, was not as easy as I had hoped.  You had to get access to the beta forum to get the information, and the beta forum was not letting people in!

In a strange turn of fate, I happened to take a look at PlayOn on the very day they posted their WoW Random Guild Name Generator.  So I posted a quick link to it, which in turn has become my most viewed post ever.  The popularity was related to some Google algorithm which put up this site on the first page of searches related to guild name generators.  And so, for a year, that post has been on the top of the list in my month in review.  It will be there no long I hope, as I recently fell off the first page of the above search.

CCP CEO Hilmar Veigar Petursson stirred up the “why so much fantasy?” discussion about MMOs and I put out my own views, to which I now just link back whenever the discussion comes back up again.

And, finally, it was a year ago when TAGN hit the 100,000 page view milestone.  We have had a few more since then.

New Linking Sites

A big thanks to these sites who link to TAGN! I hope you will visit them in return.

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Best Search Terms

todaki kernite
[Now there is an optimist!  Another great name for a band though.]

one more level
[Don’t I know that mantra.]

EVE Online

I mostly worked the economic sphere over the last month with an eye to hitting another goal of mine by the end of September: Having 1 billion ISK in the bank.  I should be able to make it, barring any more typos in buy orders.  I accidentally bought 400,000 flameburst missiles for 43.05 ISK each, rather that the 3.05 ISK I was planning on.  Ouch.  Well, I made somebody’s day.

I also swear I am going to get back to that EVE Blog Pack weekly profile idea.  Time just slipped by too quickly this month.

EverQuest II

I just noticed the other day that the Living Legends free play promo is still going on for EQ2.  Had I been keen for Norrath, I could have played from June through September for free.  Unfortunately, I cannot rouse any enthusiasm for EQ2 at the moment.  Opportunities lost.

Warhammer Online

It’s coming.  I had a peek.  I want to play some more.  In another week or so, I’ll get my chance.  Casualties of War, the Warhammer Online guild to which I belong, is revving up to go.

World of Warcraft

The instance group rolls on.  We shall all be 70 soon and will then have to answer the question, “Is there life after level cap?”  Not that we’ll stop running instances.  We still have more than a few left.  But will there be anything else we want to pursue?


LEGO Indiana Jones is keeping us busy for the moment.  Also, we have been back to Mario Kart Double Dash some.  I think we’re going to have to invest in a copy of Mario Kart Wii some day though.

Coming Up

I have a few EVE articles queued up to finish and post, and you can expect to hear some more about Warhammer Online.  Will the Warhammer Online community be able to handle me writing more about the game though?

Other than that, the usual weekly log of the Permenant Floating Saturday Night Instance Group, we’ll get through Durnholde Keep yet, and the usual things that spawn unbidden in my head.  I just wish they shared spawn points with something useful!